May 2010 Exhibitions

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Urban Life

Rebecca Lepkoff


Soho Photo Gallery is pleased to announce that May’s guest artist will be Rebecca Lepkoff whose exhibition, Urban Life, will feature a series of her vintage black and white photographs. Lepkoff, who has been photographing urban life since the 1930s, was a member of the Photo League, the legendary New York based group that used photography to capture everyday life and promote social involvement. Lepkoff documented the ethnic richness of life in the urban metropolis throughout the 1950’s, 70’s and 80’s; her book, Life On The Lower East Side, shows what the neighborhood was like in her youth. Lepkoff’s work is in the National Museum of Art in Washington, DC; the National Gallery of Canada, the Museum of the City of New York, and various corporate art collections.


42nd Street Time © Rebecca Lepkoff


Marilyn Fish-Glynn


Marilyn Fish-Glynn’s latest exhibition at Soho Photo is called Elders, a series of environmental portraits that evoke the beauty, vitality and dignity of people in their senior years, chance encounters made intimate by the sheer delight the subject takes in being photographed. The above image was included in the recently published book, 100 New York Photographers by Cynthia Maris Dantzic. The third stick, a leafless ailanthus tree pointing in the same direction as their canes, was a serendipitous gift.


Three Sticks in Sync © Marilyn Fish-Glynn


Elsa Blum


Elsa Blum calls her first show at Soho Photo Reflections–a series of photographs of store windows that emphasize what is reflected in the window. She explains, “The viewer is invited to observe what is usually blotted out, following the imperative of the commercial culture. Background and foreground contrast, merge, and alternate. In these images the ambiguities of space, the distortions, and the intricate new patterns intrigue me. The title ‘Reflections’ has an additional meaning – the thought involved in both creating the images and viewing them.”


Gallery © Elsa Blum


Ancient Forest


Igor Svibilsky


Igor Svibilsky’s exhibition is entitled Ancient Forest. He says, “I’ve always been fascinated by old trees. They are silent witnesses to the passage of time. They saw the world before me. If only old trees could talk, if only they could share their memories and wisdom. My artistic goal was to highlight their ancient nature and tactile qualities.” The artist printed these images using a 19th century platinum/palladium alternative process. Since the platinum print can last for centuries, it can extend the beauty of these ancient trees.


Ancient Oak © Igor Svibilsky


Special Retrospective


Alastair Finlay


Soho Photo is honoring the memory and art of Alastair Finlay, a long-time Gallery member who passed away in December 2009, with a special retrospective exhibition. Finlay worked for various London photographers and came to the United States in the late 1960’s to further his photographic career. He specialized in editorial and advertising photography and was noted for his extraordinary darkroom skills. In recent years, Finlay created inventive, sepia-toned gothic prints and won a number of awards. This exhibition will include approximately 12 of his images that reflect the depth and range of his talent and life’s work. He was the grand nephew of the 19th Century British Royal portrait painter, Sir William Orpen.


Wonder Wheel © Estate of Alastair Finlay