December 2010 Exhibitions

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Rick Sammon


Soho Photo Gallery is pleased to present Rick Sammon as its guest exhibitor during the month of December. Sammon, whose exhibition is called Travels, says, “I travel to take pictures and I take pictures to travel. My camera has opened doors for me in more than 100 countries – allowing me to picture strangers in strange lands and sites and scenes that are foreign to most people. Best of all, I can share my photography experiences with others, transporting them, even if it’s for a moment, to distant locations around the planet.” Sammon has published 36 books, including his latest, HDR Photography Secrets. His book, Flying Flowers won the Golden Light Award, and his book Hide and See Under the Sea won the Ben Franklin Award. Sammon is a member of the Explorers Club and is a Canon Explorer of Light.


© Rick Sammon

Requiem for a Soho Factory (1864-2005)

Lynn Passy


Lynn Passy’s exhibition pays homage to the lost histories of our constantly changing world. The images, shot in 2006, evoke the lingering remnants of a 141-year-old candy factory in Soho–its idle machines and traces of its immigrant workers. Started by an Italian immigrant’s widow, the factory employed many Italian and later, Latino immigrants. The company was family-run until 1969 when it was sold to a large corporation; candy production remained in Soho until 2005 when it was moved to the Midwest. The building was then sold and the factory demolished.


Factory Locker © Lynn Passy

Mask Portraits

Yaqui Yamdrok


Yaqui Yamdrok acquired the masks (including two of Vincent Van Gogh) from Sergio and Massimo Boldrin, two premiere internationally known mask makers in Venice, Italy. She designed the costumes and her friends volunteered to be models. All photographs were made outdoors and in New York City. She says, “Working with my friends was a very enjoyable collaborative effort.” Yamdrok!s exhibition includes three color and 11 sepia toned images.


Jo and Roberto © Yarqui Yamdrok

Dictionary of Image … Cabinets of Wonder

Eugene Goldin


Eugene Goldin says, “Letters and words are always abstract. In Dictionary of Image, I’m trying to define abstract meanings using my images, sometimes broadening the usual definitions, sometimes not. Dictionary of Image is me, my life, my education, my feelings, my ironic look around, my collection of Japanese antiques, my Cabinets of Wonder with all of their curiosities.”


Dictionary © Eugene Goldin

Through the Looking Glass

Myra Hafetz


“These photographs were taken at The Brooklyn Navy Yard in 2009. They focus on one structure that was being demolished to make way for the Yard’s future development. Sun poured through gaps in the roof. Broken glass was everywhere, with pieces still in the window frames, making designs or becoming keyholes and revealing what was left inside. Steel beams, stairs, light fixtures, machinery, could still be seen in the interior, but the sounds of machinery and the voices of the people who had worked there were stilled. Yet, through the broken glass these traces of the Navy Yard’s history remained.”


Broken Window © Myra Hafetz