January 2011 Exhibitions

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Besa: Muslims Who Saved Jews
During World War II

Norman H Gershman


Soho Photo Gallery is honored to present a special exhibition by guest photographer Norman H. Gershman entitled Besa: Muslims Who Saved Jews During World War II. It will occupy all four exhibition bays in our downstairs gallery. Besa is a code of honor deeply rooted in Albanian culture and incorporated in the faith of Albanian Muslims. It dictates a moral behavior so absolute that non-adherence brings shame and dishonor to oneself and one’s family. Besa demands that one take responsibility for the lives of others in their time of need. This Islamic behavior of compassion and mercy celebrates the sanctity of life and a view of the other–the stranger–as one’s own close family member.

Photographer Norman H. Gershman traveled to Albania over a seven-year period to speak with the people involved and to record their stories and their children’s stories. He photographed them as they appear today, along with the artifacts he collected, and presents an emotional and unprecedented window into a forgotten aspect of history. Gershman is also the founder of The Eye Contact Foundation, which promotes religious, political, cultural and economic understanding and tolerance among people worldwide through the use of portrait photography.


The Hands of Altin Qeleshi Holding a Snapshot of Shalom Adixhes and her Daughter Nina © Norman H Gershman

Still Life

Sandi Daniel


My first Soho Photo exhibition is about nature’s often overlooked beauty. I find these small creatures on walks and in my garden. While photographing them in a portrait setting, I try to bring out their amazing shapes and textures. Although most are dead, they still radiate beauty and energy as if they were still alive. I used the Alcohol Gel transfer process to enhance the delicate nature of the images, which are printed on Gampi paper and then varnished. The overall effect emphasizes the quietness of the subject matter.


Sparrow #1 © Sandi Daniel