Several Soho Photo artists participated in and documented the Women’s Marches on January 21, 2017. Here is a selection of some of their work. The images give a real sense of what it felt like to unite in common cause with hundreds of thousands of others on this day of protest. All images – copyright the respective photographers, 2017.

Photographers: Norman Borden, Susan Bowen, Carol Julien, Jacob Lambroza, Bob LeonardPierre Yves Linot Jay Matusow, Erica Reade, Paul Stetzer

Susan Bowen

Bowen-01-IMG_20170121_144425 Bowen-02-DSC00607 Bowen-03-DSC00623
 Bowen-05-DSC00630  Bowen-06-IMG_20170121_132643   Bowen-04-DSC00616

Carol Julien

© Carol Julien WMNYC IMG_6489 © Carol Julien WMNYC P1210144 © Carol Julien WMNYC P1210265
 © Carol Julien WMNYC P1210268  © Carol Julien WMNYC P1210494  © Carol Julien WMNYC P1210572

Jacob Lambroza

© Jake_Lambroza_1__protest_marshals_NYC © Jake_Lambroza_2_people_not_profit_NYC © Jake_Lambroza_3__girl_power_NYC
 © Jake_Lambroza_4__unity_is_power_NYC  © Jake_Lambroza_5_53_NYC  © Jake_Lambroza_6__man_for_women_NYC

Bob Leonard

Bob1 Bob2 Bob3
 Bob4  IMG_3461  Bob5

Jay Matusow

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 Pierre-Yves Linot

P1200572 P1200643 P1200750


P1200756 P1200614


Norman Borden

Paul Stetzer

Jan 21 Womens March-0179 Jan 21 Womens March-0201  

Erica Reade