Becoming a member of the Soho Photo Gallery offers access to a diverse and supportive community of photographers and the opportunity to exhibit your work throughout the year.

We’re looking for artists with a passion for photography, a clear and meaningful photographic vision, an appreciation for the craft and a willingness to participate in the operation of the gallery. We’re open to new ideas. Some of our members strive to re-imagine the meaning, value, and boundaries of photography, others to perfect a particular thread or technique.

A portfolio is a cohesive body of 12-20 prints representing a distinct theme or an on-going project illustrating:

  • Skill as a photographer
  • Editing proficiency
  • Ability to present exhibition-quality prints

Your prints should be unframed, but appropriately matted or presented according to your vision, as though you were preparing for an actual exhibition. If you plan to display your work in any manner other than traditional framing, please give us a very brief description of what you intend to do.

Drop off your portfolio, completed artist membership application at the gallery at 10:00am sharp on the review day or during our regular hours during the month prior to the Saturday review. A $50.00 non–refundable deposit is required upon submission of your portfolio. The deposit will be credited towards your first year’s dues if your portfolio is approved for membership.

All Soho Photo Gallery members may participate in the Portfolio Review Committee. Prospective new member portfolios are placed on easels so members may mingle with the photographs and engage in individual discussions. The committee members then gather to share their responses to the portfolio while notes on the discussion are recorded.

Please arrive at the gallery at 12:30pm or arrange to speak on the phone with a member of the Portfolio Review Committee if you are remote. This member will have conversation with you, let you know whether or not if you’ve been accepted and share the reactions, advice and insights of the committee.