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On the Street: Serendipitous
Encounters of the New York Kind
—Anthony Almeida
Photograph © Anthony Almeida
June at Soho Photo Gallery
The New York Character: A gallery-wide show exploring the energy, eccentricities and eccentrics that give New York City its unique character.
EXHIBITION DATES: June 7 – July 1, 2017
OPENING RECEPTION: Tuesday, June 6 from 6pm to 8pm

On the Street: Serendipitous Encounters of the New York Kind

Anthony Almeida

© Anthony Almeida

Out of the Norm

Norman Borden

“As a New York street photographer, I’m interested in appearance, gesture and behavior. I aim to capture the humorous, the unusual and the weird —  in other words, whatever is ‘out of the norm.’ The images here represent some of my recent discoveries and speak to my sensibilities.” © Norman Borden

In Your Face

Susan Bowen

“The energy of the city, the density of crowds, is what inspires these photographs. For this series, I am in motion as are my subjects; I dare to walk head-on into my subjects as they approach me. I am only several feet away from them at the moment of impact. My intent is for these people to be anonymous and to represent us all.” © Susan Bowen

New York Winks — NYC

Carol Julien

“This collection reflects my relationship with New York City. Despite my daily preoccupations, worries or fears, no matter what my state of mind, there is always a sight that makes me stop for a moment, forget everything and smile.” © ©  Carol Julien

On the Street: Expect the Unexpected

Neil O. Lawner

“New York City is a magnet that attracts so many unconventional types. They come to this great metropolis to live their lives in a way that would be impossible in the towns where they grew up. For the street photographer, spotting the bizarre and unusual is commonplace. In fact, we are programmed to expect the unexpected. These unexpected (but expected) sightings on the streets of New York are what I seek to portray in this exhibit.” © Niel O. Lawner

The Ever-So-Stylish Newspaper Salesman

Moshe Katvan

“On a street corner in Chelsea, New York, a man sits in a wheelchair selling newspapers. I live in the neighborhood and walk by him every day, and every day I would notice that he wore a different, elegant three-piece suit. I was intrigued by the juxtaposition of this man and his surroundings, and I asked for permission to take his picture. Thus began my photographic project of Steve Malek, the newspaper man. I wanted to know his story, and understand why he dressed the way that he did, and this is what he told me:” “My name is Steve Malek. I live in a homeless shelter. I came to this country in August 2013, looking for justice and help for handicapped people who are suffering discrimination and despair in my country Gabon, in Africa. I wear a suit every day, even in rain and snow, because I believe that in order to live in greatness and prosperity, one must exercise greatness and prosperity in how they think, speak, act and dress. People like myself, handicapped people and people who are facing challenges, need to express to the world boldly, what they feel and need from the world. I also dress like this in cold weather to show that, although the cold is a challenge, handicapped people can cope with challenges just like anyone else. We have to respect and help each other to maintain a peaceful world. This is my way to draw attention to the situation and hopefully a good samaritan will notice and maybe help us. Thank you.” © Moshe Katvan

The Lady Vanishes

Rivka Katvan

Admiring a regal mural of a Cuban immigrant woman created by artists JR and José Parlá, Rivka Katvan photographed it. Over the next two and a half years, she watched as the street art slowly was buried behind construction of a luxury condo building. This exhibition is Rivka’s chronicle of the mural’s destruction. “Street art and murals are disappearing from the streets of New York City. These incredible works of art that cover the buildings of NYC are a great way to appreciate and enjoy free art for all. The new construction of expensive apartment buildings overshadow this beauty. I documented one of these murals of a Cuban woman, Leda Antonia Machado, who lived through the Cuban Revolution, overlooking a gas station on the corner of 24th Street and 10th Avenue.”   © Rivka Katvan

2017 International Portfolio Competition

Paper Dreams

Katarzyna Derda

2017 International Portfolio Competition This portfolio is Katarzyna Derda’s photographic creation of her past, as well her escape from that past. Derda explores both her creation (Neverdoll) and escape (Paper Dreams) through the use of a handmade doll, the creamy yet gritty look of the photo lith process, and the directorial method of photographing. Soho Photo Gallery’s panel of jurors for the 2017 International Portfolio Competition selected three portfolios for exhibition. Each portfolio will be on exhibit for one month. There were 177 portfolios submitted consisting of 2,853 images. The portfolios came from 32 states and 12 countries. Audrey Bernstein of Pleasantville, NY exhibited in April, Jaime Johnson of Oxford, MS exhibited in May, and Katarzyna Derda of Niles, IL is exhibiting this month. © Katarzyna Derda