June 2010 Exhibitions

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Recent Works

Sarah Kaufman


Soho Photo Gallery is pleased to announce that Sarah Kaufman will be June’s guest exhibitor; her show of twelve 20” x 20” digital C-prints is entitled Recent Works. Kaufman says, “this exhibition is an inherently human investigation. I visit people in their homes and ask them to try to show me the world that they inhabit when they are alone. The resulting photographs chase glimpses of this world and explore the relationships among the subjects, their bodies, and their spaces. They reveal the possibility for a quiet intensity within the everyday and ideally allow the viewer to soak in the gestures and details within another person’s domestic space and routine. Perhaps upon looking at another’s moments of absorption, we may recognize something about our own.”


Untitled (Small Sunset) © Sarah Kaufman

A South Carolina Portfolio

John Custodio


John Custodio heads south to bring us A South Carolina Portfolio. Consisting of 23 8” x10” prints of historical locations and structures in South Carolina, the exhibition features photographs of 18th century churches that fell into ruin due to forest fire and war; abandoned kilns from a turn-of-the-last-century brick works; an 18th century church graveyard; and a foggy morning along a canal built in the late 19th century.


Unitarian Cemetery #1 © John Custodio

Enter at Your Own Risk

Robert Dahl


Robert Dahl chose to call his new exhibition Enter at Your Own Risk because, as he says, “Doors and windows are portals, holes in barriers through which passage can occur, and often are used metaphorically and allegorically. Enter at Your Own Risk is a poem about life, composed of images of portals.”


© Robert Dahl

Ancient Forest

Ruth Raskin


Ruth Raskin’s latest show is entitled Barcelona in Black & White. Her exhibition of gelatin silver prints focuses on the design elements for which the city and its environs are known. These elements can be found not only in the works of Gaudi, but in the Ferris wheel at Tibidabo, in a back staircase at the Dali Museum and in the strategic place where a leaf fell in a puddle.


Deli Mural and Dome © Ruth Raskin

Caribbean Mexico

Rita Baunok


Rita Baunok’s third solo exhibition at Soho Photo is entitled Caribbean Mexico. Her series of gelatin-silver photographs are part of a documentary project that took place over a four-year period in different Caribbean countries. This body of work takes us to remote areas on the Yucatan and explores life in fishing villages and Mayan settlements. The roads are still rugged and there are no tourist resorts; therefore, this part of the country is isolated from mainstream Mexico.


Mexico © Rita Baunok