September 2010 Exhibitions

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William George Wadman


Soho Photo Gallery proudly begins its 40th season with an exhibition by guest photographer William George Wadman entitled Drabbles. (A drabble is a precise work of fiction of exactly 100 words.) Wadman says, “These photographs are intended to be the same: a short story, a moment which needs to be imagined and expanded in the mind of the viewer. It’s a voyeuristic glimpse into someone else’s world, sometimes fantastic or silly; other times scary or even sad.” Wadman is a portrait photographer based in Brooklyn, NY and was the evil-genius responsible for, a series of portraits completed each day of 2007. His editorial portrait work has been featured in TIME, BusinessWeek, Le Monde, Der Spiegel, Improper Bostonian, POZ, and others. Wadman’s subjects have included Buzz Aldrin, Malcolm Gladwell, Imogen Heap, Tucker Carlson, Jhumpa Lahiri, James Burke, and Mo Rocca.


Cynthia Smith © William George Wadman

From the Second Story

Gary Duehr


Who are these people? Where are they going? What decisions make them hesitate and turn? Take a look sideways or glance back over their shoulder? How much depends on their next footstep, the path they’ve struck for themselves? What are they carrying in their bags and purses, which books do they consult? Isolated or in pairs, they exist in the boundary between photographic image and glazed backdrop. At times accompanied by a furtive shadow, these individuals act out their mini-dramas, seemingly unaware of our spying.


Red Checks © Gary Duehr


Bob Neiman


Bob Neiman’s black & white images capture his passion for the incredible beauty and detail of the natural world. Neiman’s photographs have appeared in numerous juried shows, galleries, and exhibitions throughout the United States. Four of his “Dunes” images were recently published as a Merit Award winner in the 2010 Black & White Magazine Portfolio Contest.


GDS NP 5-1585 © Bob Neiman

ID Dominates EGO and Where the Hell
is my True SUPER-EGO

Maria Burns


Maria Burns’s show is a series based on Sigmund Freud’s work about how the human psyche is divided into three parts: Id, ego and super-ego. Burns incorporates his thoughts into her work and translates them into her own artistic expression. Using herself as a model, she tries to portray her own struggle with her three inner parts.


EGO © Maria Burns

The Magic of Bow Bridge

Joan Lemler


For me, the act of photographing and the images I seek provide a stillness that is unmatched by other experiences. I want the empty streets, rooms or countryside that I photograph to reflect both solitude and secrets. I am looking for a haunting beauty and mystery to be revealed, whether the subject is decaying buildings or open spaces, by the interplay of light, color and atmosphere.


Light Falls on Bow Bridge © Joan Lemler