October 2010 Exhibitions

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Stock Shot

Wu Tien-Chang


Soho Photo Gallery is pleased to present Asian Traces, an exhibition of photographic portfolios created in Asia. Guest photographer Wu Tien-Chang, internationally acclaimed Taiwanese photographer, will exhibit his portfolio entitled Shock Shot, consisting of photographs that are mysterious, hilarious, weird and haunting. His is a surreal world of offbeat atmosphere illuminated by unnatural hues with beings who are always grinning, ride bicycles and pose as circus queens in dream-like sets. His figures are elaborately dressed in sparkly, tinseled brocades in the gaudy style popular in both Taiwan and China. Although the elaborately costumed figures are wounded, blind or missing limbs, that does not inhibit their lipsticked smiles. Wu’s painterly photographs are set in classical compositional arrangements that are voluptuous and compelling, although specifically ambiguous. They are outspoken in a theatrically absurd form that suggests the antics of political and social life.


Dream of Impermanence © Wu Tien-Chang


Larry Davis


Larry Davis’s latest solo exhibit is entitled Shibui. He says, “Shibui is one of many Japanese terms used to describe beauty, in this case inherent beauty and restraint. This series of photographs illustrate my obser- vations of the details of structural and architectural designs and how these quiet, understated, simple yet elegant designs are woven into ordinary everyday life in Japan.” Shibui consists of 12 of Davis’s signature 3×3 inch toned archival pigment inkjet prints in 12×12 inch mattes and frames.


Shoji Screen © Larry Davis

Growing Up in a Shrinking World:
Minority Children in Asia

Michael Schenker


Michael Schenker took numerous trips to Asia since 2001 to complete this project. Trekking among the lands of the Chil, the Hmong, the Dai, the Dong, the Miao and the Akha, he says, “I became fascinated with lifestyles that seem unchanged from centuries past. Children, the common denominator among the various tribes, have little opportunity for schooling. As their villages and culture are absorbed by their host countries, what remnants of their legacy will be passed on to their children?”


© Michael Schenker

Golden Thailand

David Murcko


David Murcko spent seven years living in Thailand. The experience changed his life and has heavily influenced his artistic direction. His latest exhibit called Golden Thailand pays tribute to Thailand’s culture, people and religion. Murcko describes a unique “golden glow” around everything in Thailand. Gold also plays a large part in Thailand’s history and religious practices. This inspired Murcko to print his latest series on specially treated gold metal plates.


Gold Buddha © David Murcko

SUSIMDAE: Calm Your Heart and
Look Into Your Mind

Dwight Primiano


This portfolio pays tribute to the 15th century Korean Confucian scholar Jo Heon. He served as royal archivist, librarian and court scholar to the king of Korea, while devoting himself to educating talented young people. He was killed along with 700 Koreans defending his country from the invading Japanese forces in 1591. The images in SUSIMDAE describe the life and death of Jo Heon as officially celebrated by Korea today.


Susimdae Plate 4 #5 © Dwight Primiano