September 2011 Exhibitions

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Choi Byungkwan


Soho Photo is pleased to announce that September’s guest exhibitor will be the Korean photographer Choi Byungkwan. In his exhibition entitled Bamboo, the mystical black and white images convey a sense of the nobility and high spiritual values that Asian cultures have assigned to this distinctive plant. His photographs, which were taken in the dense shade of a bamboo forest, reveal flashes of light filtering into the black backdrop of the grove. In this deep darkness, light appears and disappears and the photographer transforms it into tones of grey and black like the ink of a brush stroke, exploring shades and multiple nuances of the gray scale.

Choi Byungkwan has a BA and an MA in Photography and Photographic Arts from Paris VIII University, Paris France. He is currently a professor of photography at Sangmyung University, Seoul, South Korea. He has had solo shows in Korea and Shanghai and has been in numerous group exhibitions in Asia and Europe.


© Choi Byungkwan

The Great Marsh: Where the Egret Walks

Paul Stetzer


The Great Marsh lies on the North Shore of Massachusetts. Stetzer says it extends continually from Cape Ann into New Hampshire. It is an environment that stimulates the soul and delights the eye. Panoramic overviews and intimate close-ups grouped together in one frame invite viewers to sample this magnificent landscape.


© Paul Stetzer

Moiré: Glimpses From the Great Marsh

Gary Duehr


These panoramic photographs on watercolor paper explore the luminosity and complexity of the Great Marsh. At times the pictures seem like drawings made up of haphazard lines of reeds, or like painterly renditions of a pond’s depths. The images suggest stillness and contemplation, much like versions of traditional Japanese screens.


© Gary Duehr

Light and Darkness and Colors

Hyeyon Park


I feel stuffy and oppressed in my long, dark and vague tunnel. It is like when I do not wear glasses or contact lenses, even though I have really bad eyesight. I feel around the whole house to find my way. Sometimes I find some vision that is dimly visible, splendid and captivating. Between lightness and darkness, I keep groping and encounter many colors.


© Hyeyon Park

Earthly Gift

Raphael Senzamici


In the spring of 2010, Senzamici planted a garden and got a gift in return. Along with tomatoes, potatoes, cabbages and courgettes were all the weeds he never planned. The dirt field became a community gathering spot. Nightly watering became a family affair. Harvesting was always a surprise. And meals were just more meaningful. A simple cabbage became sublime. What had started as a garden had grown into an earthly gift.


© Raphael Senzamici