December 2011 Exhibitions

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Here I Am: Bushwick in the 1980s

Meryl Meisler


Soho Photo Gallery is pleased to announce that Meryl Meisler is December’s guest exhibitor. Her show is entitled, Here I Am: Bushwick in the 1980s. When Meisler began teaching art in Bushwick in the early 1980s, she wondered, “Was the other art teacher killed?” Meisler explains, “Bushwick resembled a ghost town war zone. Scorched and seemingly forgotten since the !77 blackout, Bushwick hit the skids. To me, Bushwick!s natural light was beautiful; kids were kids, vacant buildings whispered: Here I am, take my picture before I collapse. Using a plastic point and shoot and color slide film, I photographed walking from subway to school, through classroom windows, and back again. The images I’m showing, many forgotten in boxes for nearly 30 years, are a wink, quick sketches of the neighborhood’s people and places during a disparate decade. Revisiting Bushwick, I feel like Jimmy Stewart’s character George Bailey coming home to Pottersville in “It’s a Wonderful Life.” There’s been a paradigm shift.”

See Meisler’s interview with Gabe Pressman on NBC

Meryl Meisler has received fellowships/grants from NYFA, Artists Space, CETA, China Institute and Japan Society. She’s exhibited her work at the Brooklyn Museum, New Museum, Dia Center, MASS MoCA and the Whitney. Her work is in the permanent collections of the Brooklyn Historical Society, Library of Congress, Islip Art Museum, American Jewish Congress, Center for Photography at Woodstock and in artist book collections of the Whitney, MOMA, Metronome, Carnegie Mellon, Chrysler Museum, and the Pompidou.


Snow Alone, April 1982 © Meryl Meisler


Bruce Wodder


Photographer Bruce Wodder’s interest in Trenton dates back to his years in elementary school. On a class trip to New Jersey’s capital, he shot two rolls of film that were later lost. Captivated even then by what seemed to be a forgotten city, his interest lingered. Over the last year and a half, Bruce has returned many times to Trenton, imposing his vision on this city in transition. All of his photographs were shot in medium or large format film, scanned and outputted as archival pigment prints.


© Bruce Wodder

Vedic Worshop

Alison Hoornbeek


“Worship in the Vedic tradition includes recitation of mantras learned through an oral tradition and precise rituals performed by Brahmin Priests. Yagna, an ancient fire ceremony, is one such ritual. The photographic images in the series entitled Vedic Worship are my interpretation of the mysterious and profound experience inherent in the performance of a Yagna.”


©Allison Hoornbeek

Parisian Motifs

Andrezej Haladuda


This exhibition consists of 24 images from the artist’s vast monograph entitled “The Appearances,” which focuses on the basic themes of Parisian culture and its civilization. Made in Paris from 1999 to 2002, its production was sponsored and funded through the combined efforts of the Mayor of Paris, the Ministry of French Foreign Affairs and the French Institute in Warsaw. It was shown as an exhibition in the National Museum Warsaw, in 2002. This is the first time Parisian Motifs, a representative part of “The Appearances,” is being exhibited outside Europe.


Marionette © Andrzej Haladuda

Factory Nudes

David Murcko


The images in Factory Nudes were conceived and photographed in a historic 1870s textile factory north of New York City. Murcko believes that photographing the nude represents the ultimate creative challenge. Expressing the nude in an original and authentic way can be daunting. Inspired by the space and in close collaboration with the models, Murcko shot the series with black and white film using only available light. The final silver gelatin exhibition prints were handmade in a traditional darkroom.


Pipes © David Murcko