January 2012 Exhibitions


Gao Yuan


Soho Photo is pleased to announce that January’s guest exhibitor will be Gao Yuan, a Chinese-born artist who will present three bodies of work– Grafitti, Twelve Moons and Chinese Gangster under the umbrella title, Un(Re)Marked. Yuan says:

I like to use photography to probe and search the surface of appearances. The first and most fundamental territory that we inhabit is the territory of our own body. The way we adorn it is emblematic of personal and social identity. Patterning the surface of our body serves a dual function of both obscuring and proclaiming, masking vulnerable identity and marking individual status. There is also a contradiction in the act of tattooing as it asserts difference but also shows the willingness to subsume one’s individual identity within a sub-group. 

Yuan, who is based in both Beijing and New York City, earned her MFA in Photography at the University of Nippon, Graduate School of Art. Yuan has had solo exhibitions at galleries in Beijing, Hong Kong and Taipei, among others, and has been in numerous group shows in Europe, Asia and the United States. She won the 2011 Grand Prize in the Kaunas Biennial Rewind Personal Story Competition for her “12 Moons” project.

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Twelve Moons © Gao Yuan


Shadow Dance

Sandy Carrion


Carrion provides us with a set of still lifes based on items belonging to her mother and father. The show entitled Shadow Dance weaves correspondences between her parents, their parents, and relatives from the 1930’s with a bin full of useless tools her father stored in the basement. Carrion used a faux emulsion lift technique reminiscent of the Polaroid lift technique made popular in the 1980s and 1990s.


© Sandy Carrion


Lois Youmans


Youmans continues her work with dolls as a metaphor for the human experience. These images are not of battered and forgotten antique dolls, but rather the tattered remnants of clothing they wore. Like her dolls, these bits of clothing are displayed as flawed, but beautiful objects. Youmans digitally layers her images with rough edges and textures so each photograph seems to have “aged” along with the clothing. A technique similar to the original Polaroid process is used to transfer images to watercolor paper.


© Lois Youmans


Sandi Daniel


Sandi Daniel evokes a feeling of romance and nostalgia in her work she calls Flora. Her fascination with lush gardens and landscapes is evident as she addresses the fragility of nature. To further the nostalgic quality of her images Ms. Daniel has chosen to recreate the look of the process known as Tintypes. She does this digitally, recreating the mood and aesthetic of the originals.


© Sandi Daniel

WaterWorlds/Central Park

Rosalie Frost


“I found mystery and magic when shooting directly into the waters of Central Park in different seasons and different environmental conditions. The frozen or liquid surface transformed the everyday world into something unexpected. Inspiration also came from a different medium than the visual, through words and images in a Schubert song, Am See (By the Lake), which seemed to uncannily embody the abstract images I was making.”


Turtle Pond Reservoir © Rosalie Frost