February 2012 Exhibitions

Winners of Soho Photo’s 2012 Small Works National Competition


New York, N.Y. – Soho Photo Gallery is honored to present the winners of its second Small Works National Competition, as chosen by our distinguished juror, Karen Marks, Exhibitions Director of The Howard Greenberg Gallery in New York City. We initiated this competition to recognize those photographers who still enjoy the discipline of creating small masterpieces in an era when large photographs–very large–are in vogue. The competition’s rules stated that the height and width of entries could not exceed six inches in each direction. After viewing more than 600 images submitted by 94 photographers from across the country, Karen Marks said:

The jurying process for this show was not easy because there were so many wonderful images. It was very hard to choose among them. Usually, being quite decisive, I know what kind of work moves me. But I was surprisingly affected by some of these entries that are different from the ones I would ordinarily select. These artists have shown me that even when I think I know what I like, I can find something new.

Marks chose 141 images from 61 photographers to be in the Small Works exhibition.

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Paperi Trois © Pat Beary, First Place Winner