April 2012 Exhibitions


Stephan Gersh


Soho Photo is pleased to announce that Stephan Gersh is the guest photographer during April. Gersh, whose exhibition is entitled Insights, began photographing in 1964, when he worked as an assistant to Ansel Adams. Gersh has exhibited widely; he’s been in 20 solo shows and his work is included in the collections of museums in the United States, Canada and France. Gersh has been a teacher for over 30 years, and taught with Minor White in the graduate program at MIT. He created photography programs at several colleges and schools, conducted workshops, and served as a consultant to Polaroid Corporation. In explaining his exhibition Gersh says,

There are gifted moments when the world I see reveals hidden energies and forms of Great Nature. In a state of openness and receptivity, I am blessed at those moments to glimpse both. The photograph can be a record of such an experience. I do not impose on the photograph any ideas external to this encounter. Using tonal values, scale, print color and organization, the photograph presents a statement, not previously seen and unimagined until it comes into being.

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© Stephan Gersh

Artists and Spaces

Regine Corngold


“We consider space to be the order of co- existing things–each object with its own relationship to other objects and to the whole. Artists draw their creativity from the space that surrounds them and in which they live, and then internalize. I want to show with my photographs how the artists I am portraying developed a unique sense of space in their everyday lives and in their art.”


© Regine Corngold

12 Pictures on the Wall

Peter Agron


Agron says, “This selection of 12 black and white prints is a part of my ‘New York’ portfolio. It has been an on-going project for the last 25 years. All the images were printed by me from 35mm negatives using the traditional gelatin silver process.”


© Peter Agron

Ninety Miles – An Intimate Journey

Jorge Luis Monteagudo


“My first exhibition at Soho Photo is about the people and land I left behind and re- discovered nearly 30 years later. I have worked on this project for nearly 12 years now. It all stemmed from a deep curiosity and a desire to know more about the country where I was born – Cuba. I hope that through these pictures and stories, I have been able to share Cuba, its people and its soul.”


© Jorge Luis Monteagudo


Christer Allevik


Allevik says, “My inspiration for this exhibition came from New York’s impressive metropolitan architecture. I wanted to show New York in a unique way, and in a monochrome dark dramatic rendering.”


© Christer Allevik