September 2012 Exhibitions

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Broadway Behind the Curtain

Rivka Katvan


Rivka Katvan has established a strong reputation for her candid portrayals of Broadway and Hollywood stars…Elizabeth Taylor, Kevin Kline, Gregory Hines, Glenn Close, Angela Lansbury and Alan Cummings…to name just a few. Katvan explains “…In 1978, during a visit to my friend Natalie Mosco at the Cort Theatre where she was appearing in The Magic Show, I experienced the contrast between the reality in front of the stage and the reality from backstage. Those first photos opened doors to many other shows. To have been a privileged observer celebrating and sharing life in the theatre has been an honor.”


It’s Up To You NY, NY © Rivka Katvan

In Reference To … Mexican Women of New York

Alejandra Regalado


In Reference to…Mexican Women of New York is a photographic project that explores issues of cultural identity, femininity and the importance of the personal objects brought by Mexican women who immigrated to the United States. These objects reference their hometowns, family history, cultural background and past lives. The series is comprised of portraits of these women who live in New York and images of their most cherished objects that connect them with Mexico.


In Reference To © Alejandra Regalado

Memory Against Oblivion

Sohpie Liedot


“I have long asked myself what the inscription of those names on French monuments really meant — until the day when I saw my mother’s surname. I remained a long time in front of this name which was so familiar to me. I decided to photograph the names of these strangers on these monuments and to express all my feelings and emotions in the way I know best… photographs. These men, women and children all deserve our compassion and respect.” 


Shoah10 © Sophie Liedot

Through Holland and Flanders: A Traveler’s Diary

Eugene Goldin


Eugene Goldin states, “The region that was the purpose of my travel is located in the western part of Europe, mostly populated by people speaking Dutch or the Belgian form of Flemish, but separated by the border of two countries: Netherlands and Belgium. It’s so close and so different… everything that I saw during my journey was transformed by my vision and found reflections in my pictorial diary….”


Amsterdam © Eugene Goldin

Hawaii Portfolio

John Custodio


In discussing his latest exhibition, John Custodio comments, “This exhibition features landscape photographs I made on two recent trips to several of the Hawaiian Islands. The emphasis is more on the mystical instead of the typical sunset with palm trees on the beach.”


Lava Stone Altar, Hawaii © John Custodio