October 2012 Exhibitions

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Prayer Images

Marky Kauffman


Soho Photo is pleased to announce October’s guest artist, Marky Kauffmann whose exhibition is entitled Prayer Images. Kauffmann explains, “I made the Prayer Images for loved ones who have been diagnosed with cancer. Although these are inkjet prints in their final form, I used many traditional materials such as silver gelatin paper, liquid emulsion, Kodak Opaque paint, potassium ferricyanide and toners. In some pieces, I have created a “tumor,” a random shape painted with liquid emulsion. On or near the tumor I print a scene from the natural world, the place I go to pray for healing. The Asian letters reference my family’s connection to Ikebana, an ancient Asian art form practiced by my grandmother, whose work inspired me to become a photographer. The digital process allows me to collage the elements together.”


Prayer Image Spanish Moss © Marky Kauffman

Streets of Cuba: Overlapping Exposure Panoramas

Susan Bowen


“I traveled to Cuba last fall with the group Professional Women Photographers and spent a week roaming the streets of Havana, Cienfuegos and the small town of Trinidad. You won’t find a more photogenic place than Cuba. Everywhere you look are rich textures, beautiful color and interesting faces. And yes, those cars…you can’t help but love those cars. The streets of Cuba are so distinctive and lively; it is a place like no other. Using a $20 plastic camera called the Holga, the long overlapping images are created by only partially advancing the film between exposures – the overlapping occurring in the film itself.” 

Havana, El Capitolio Nacional

Havana, El Capitolio Nacional © Susan Bowen


Jean Nestares


Nestares, a photographer, author and painter from Spain, explains “My work is inspired by movements, people and the vigorous pulse of different cities. Multiplex is an assembly of photographic images transferred to fine art paper to create a new image that is freely interpretable by each viewer. Through different transmutations, I reinvent and give pictures a new energy and create new situations: the spectator is thus offered a different vision of the city.” As in the past, the backbone of Nestares’ work is movement, as she re-interprets her “City and People” theme through a new medium as she explores alternative-printing processes.


Multiplex © Jean Nestares

Vacancy: Film Stills

Karen St. John Vincent


“I like to tell stories. I have been working with models, costumes and locations in my work for a very long time. The images I create have always suggested a story. It was a natural transition for me to try my hand at movie making. Vacancy is my first film, still in the works. The images in this show capture specific moments in the film. For me they represent stories within the story.” 


Dottie Mae: 4 AM © Karen St. John Vincent


Arnie Kastenbaum


Polemics is a series of images of simple objects presented in a manner that divorces them from the original. Each image is the combination of a positive and negative that when combined results in a transformation that yields an impressionistic view of the original with a new object created that did not exist before. Kastenbaum remarks, “Each positive and negative image is a hand crafted gelatin silver archival print.”


StrongWeak © Arnie Kastenbaum