December 2012 Exhibitions

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Ouvre Moi and Les Sangtiments

Jennifer Des


Soho Photo is pleased to announce December’s guest artist, Jennifer Des, whose exhibition is entitled Ouvre Moi and Les Sangtiments. Jennifer comes to Soho Photo from Belgium where she has been working for years on bodies of work that deal with the body’s appearance. In Les Sangtiments, the artist explores the theme of suffering as she focuses on heart surgery. Her photographs engage the double meaning of the “heart,” relating to feelings and to sorrow. With the Ouvre-Moi series, Des continues to pursue the theme of appearances, focusing this time on the world of cosmetic surgery. These images show the body’s transformation, and the suffering imposed upon it. Suspended in the void, organs are stripped of their context, giving way to abstract forms, colors and textures. A heart transforms into a butterfly and escapes from a mutilated body, echoing the desire for freedom…a recurrent theme in the artist’s work.


Protect Me © Jennifer Des

Coney Island Boardwalk

Ron Meisel


MeiseI remarks on his latest exhibition…”I have been photographing Coney Island regularly for the past 8 years. A few years before I started, Mayor Bloomberg wanted to revitalize Coney Island as a sight for the 2012 Olympics. When the city lost this bid, other plans were created for redevelopment. I have been documenting these changes since. Coney Island Boardwalk, is a colorful panoramic view of the boardwalk from W. 8th Street to W. 14th Street.”


Untitle © Ron Meisel

Back to Nature

Sandi Daniel


Daniel comments, “Lush gardens, majestic landscapes and serene seascapes have always been a source of inspiration in my image making. Combining traditional photography methods with contemporary techniques enables me to record and reinterpret the world around me. I work on an intuitive level without a predetermined image in mind, and consider an image successful when it is transformed beyond the reality of the camera into a personal connection with nature.”


The Jetty © Sandi Daniel 


Lois Youmans


Youmans, in explaining her process states, “Of particular interest to me is a neurological disconnection known as Sensory Integration Disorder. I have tried to explore the associated physical and psychological aspects of the disorder using images of my tattered dolls. I emphasize their distress by digitally adding layers of dust and grime to the images before printing and transferring to watercolor paper. As if to add insult to injury, I tear the images into pieces, then stitch them back together by hand.”


Hold Me © Lois Youmans

A Family

Jeff Smith


Jeff Smith, long recognized for his creative use of vintage imagery, continues his study of family relationships.


Lois © Jeff Smith