February 2013 Exhibitions

Memory Box

Allison Rufrano


Soho Photo is pleased to announce February’s guest artist is Allison Rufrano whose exhibition is entitled Memory Box. Rufrano’s mysterious and expressive images explore the spiritual essence of the artist. Her evocative use of light and subject taps into viewers’ perceptions, creating a dialogue between the work and the viewer. The ambiguity she creates is rooted in her photographic approach, with her camera acting as a mirror to reflect the richness and complexities of life. A passionate image-maker, Ms. Rufrano often explores alternative print processes and unique installations of her work. Memory Box consists of fourteen color photographs, where Rufrano wraps her collection of memorial cards with materials that symbolize her relationship with beloved friends and family she has lost. The collection is a way for Ms. Rufrano to remember and honor those who have influenced her throughout her life. She has exhibited extensively both in the United States as well as in Europe and Asia.

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© Allison Rufrano


Artist Name

The 21 gallery members who accepted the challenge to interpret the theme, White-on- White will fill all four downstairs galleries with a wide range of their work. With many avenues of creativity to explore, from combining subtle tones of white and light gray to even using the gallery’s physical location on White Street as the basis of a visual pun, White-on-White promises to inspire, stimulate and amuse while illustrating the talents and perspectives of this very diverse group of artists.