April 2013 Exhibitions

Street Photography 2013


Soho Photo Gallery is pleased to announce that in April 2013, the entire gallery will be devoted to Street Photography 2013. This special exhibition features work by 10 acclaimed guest street photographers and 25 of our artists. In all, nearly 70 images spanning the past 50 years are being exhibited and represent a wide range of approaches to the genre that has produced some of the most iconic images in photography. The unpredictability, irony, humor, drama, joy, serendipity and romance of life on the street and in public places all promise to be on display. And the guests’ diverse backgrounds and perspectives promise to make this gallery-wide exhibition even more compelling.

The photographers include: Peter Agron, Anthony Almeida, Leslie Bellsey, Norman Borden, Susan Bowen, John Custodio, , Marilyn Fish-Glynn, Flo Fox*, Richard Gardner, Arlene Gottfried*, Irene Greenberg, George Greenstein, Martin Hochberg, Gisa Indenbaum, Neil Lawner, Alan Leff, Rebecca Lepkoff*, Serge J-F Levy*,Silvia Marinari, Rochelle Marmorek, Meryl Meisler*, John Milisenda*, Tequila Minsky*, Lynn Passy, Bill Perlmutter*, Ruth Raskin, Martin Rich, Orville Robertson*, Karen St. John-Vincent, Mark Santos, Len Speier*, Paul Stetzer, Seena Sussman, Francisco Uceda and Yaqui Yamdrok.



Trying Their Wings © Flow Fox