May 2013 Exhibitions

Seeing the Unseen: Equivalence in Photography

A special exhibition curated by John Paul Caponigro and Alison Hoornbeek

Featuring guest artist John Paul Caponigro and 13 Soho Photo artists.


According to the curators, “Equivalence in photography is a term that sprang from the titleEquivalents, which Alfred Stieglitz gave a series of his cloud photographs that he felt were like visual music. In this way, a tradition began of using what is seen to express an inner state or feeling that cannot be seen. This aspect of photography continues to evolve. As Minor White said, ‘The equivalent is one of those ideas that in practice grows by the efforts and accomplishments of the people who explore it.’ Today, photographers explore the ability of a photograph to use the immanent to convey the transcendent, expressing what might otherwise be ineffable.”


Untitled, Uyuni Bolivia © John Paul Caponigro