June 2013 Exhibitions

Soft Cities: 3D

Gary Duehr


“These sculptural photographs treat the ‘hard city’ of buildings and concrete as fleeting impressions, representing the viewer’s dreamlike consciousness. This imaginary city intermingles inhabitant and city, identities and desires. There are illusions of scale and many-layered reflections: a glance through a window, the angle of a bridge, and a translucent row of building-fronts. The city is what one makes of it, and vice versa.” Duehr, chosen as a Best Emerging Artist in New England by the International Association of Art Critics has also received an Artist Grant in photography from the Massachusetts Cultural Council.


Facade © Gary Deuhr

The Last Wave By

Susan Keiser


“My photographs record not actual events, but emotional truths. Memories and dreams, desires and regrets, all come into focus when manifested tangibly in pictures. Reimagined in photographs, insights can be ordered, understood, and shared with others. The Last Wave By is one chapter in the ongoing A River of Time and Memory project.”


The Last Wave By #16 © Susan Keiser


Peter Agron


Regarding his latest exhibition, Agron states, “On reaching a certain age, one day you realize that most of your preconceived notions, which seemed to be beyond any doubt, have nothing to do with reality. One feels ‘bewitched, bothered and bewildered.’ You have arrived. Welcome.” To illustrate, the artist uses twelve New York street photographs that include people, reflections, store windows, light and shadows, and people.


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Still Standing

Elsa Blum


The artist says, “Lonely sentinels of brick and concrete, they’re bruised but still upright. Once homes and active workplaces, these vacant buildings evoke a sense of mystery: will they be remodeled, razed to make way for the new, or return to dust and dirt, ignored by their surroundings? While bearing witness to the impact of economic and social change and upheaval, these images elicit in me not only sadness and nostalgia, but nascent hope for regeneration.”


Happy Tour Detroit © Elsa Blum


Francisco Uceda


“The portraits I present in the i_Candy series are combinations of candy, pastries, cake and baking products, with the same head being the only constant factor. Each ingredient is consciously chosen to affect a pre-determined transformation. By playing with the possibilities of each ingredient and by using them for a purpose not originally intended, I construct portraits that point towards different basic human feelings, refer to characters in other works of art and/or simply try to engage the viewer.”


Untitled with Chocolate Birthday Cake © Francisco Uceda

Personal Ecologies

Dave Ortiz


“At a very basic level all is probability according to physicists. Everything has some chance of coming into being and it is not until it is seen and measured that the probabilities collapse into a single definite state. In a more poetic sense, the act of perception becomes the act of creation. What I see and take the measure of with my camera are thus my own private creations, my own personal ecologies.”


Ecology © Dave Ortiz