In January

New Artists, New Work for a New Year 

To begin the new year, Soho Photo Gallery showcases three of our newest artists. In very different ways, each captures an aspect of New York City life. Also, the entrance space exhibits Ghislain & Marie David de Lossy ‘s detailed and innovative approach to nature photography and the upstairs space is dedicated to a group of gallery artists showing work never before exhibited here.

Exhibition Dates: January 8, 2014 – February 1, 2014

Closing Reception: Thursday January 30, 2014, from 6pm to 8pm


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Downtown, Sunrise

Sean Blocklin


“The works here are non-literal interpretations of photographs made on the streets of New York. Using reality as a prop, I create stories and fantasy that previously did not exist. They are not straightforward narratives, but are connected by a similar emotional drama. In this light, the images in Downtown, Sunrise consist of stories taking place in the early hours of a New York day.”


© 2014 Sean Blocklin



Ellen Jacob


“This work explores the social and economic relationships that powerfully affect life and largely go unnoticed. These nine photos from my series Substitutes explore the relationship between nannies and their charges. Nannies are said to be ‘part of the family;’ their jobs include parenting duties and an expectation that they love the children under their care. But when the child is grown, the nanny is dismissed. Substitutes is about the indelible impressions these women leave, and the persistent questions they raise.”

 Ellen Jacob_January

© 2014 Ellen Jacob


Street Life

Scot Surbeck


“I photograph people going about their lives on the streets of New York City. I look for emotion and drama—the absurdity, contradiction, humor, sadness, anger and joy that often bubbles to the surface in this dense cauldron of city life.  I look for color and light and background, and those moments when feelings and surroundings combine and stories are revealed. I take slices from our urban flow of life, and hold them up for observation and, perhaps, wonder.”

 Scott Surbeck_January

© 2014 Scot Surbeck




Not Alone

Ghislain & Marie David de Lossy 


”This work transcends traditional nature photography. Each image, comprised of 100 to 150 shots, reveals perplexing details unseen through the actual telephoto lenses. This new approach to nature, both macro and microscopic, blurs the line between reality and fiction.  The telephoto effect breathes us into the landscape, turning us into image hunters.  Lost in the vast wilderness, we can see the invisible.”

IGhislain & Marie David de Lossy_TENGMALM OWL (HELMIPÖLLÖ) sRGB

© 2014 Ghislain & Marie David de Lossy