In March

Soho Photo Gallery examines landscapes real and imagined, internal and external, from Death Valley to Peru to Italy and places in between.  The upstairs galleries are dedicated to a group show of gallery artists showing work never before exhibited here. 


Exhibition Dates: March 5, 2014 — March 29, 2014

Opening Reception: Tuesday March 4, 2014, from 6pm to 8pm




Natural Abstractions

Lee Backer


“These images, taken in Death Valley and the White Mountains of California, explore the varied rhythms created by light and shadow. I found these rhythms in both landscapes and close-ups: the textures and undulating forms of sand dunes, the stripes woven into the clay hills, mosaic patterns in rock walls, and ripples of grain in ancient Bristlecone Pines. The photographs are printed in black and white to emphasize the shapes, patterns, and textures.”


© 2014 Lee Backer


Faces of Peru

Neil Lawner


“Colorful dress is typical of the native rural Peruvians, exemplifying the warmth and soul of the Peruvian people. These images were created in Cusco, Machu Picchu and on the islands in Lake Titicaca, close to the Bolivian border, in the summer of 2013. The genuine warmth of their eyes and smiles is a window into a soul that is ‘muy simpatico.’ ”

LAWNER_Neil_March 2014Viejo,Taquila Island Peru

© 2014 Neil Lawner


Elizabeth Nahum-Albrigh


“My dad was Ray Bradbury’s bibliographer. I grew up in a world of Martians and marionettes, surrounded by my dad’s collections: bizarre masks, books, strange cabinets, and trinkets. Part of my dad will always remain in this past; another part is current.  The prints in this series are created using Platinum/Palladium to accentuate the obscured timeline I have created. This traditional process allows me to share the world my father shares with me everyday.”


© 2014 Elizabeth Nahum-Albright


Sonia Toledo


“I find inspiration in the power of women, relations between the sexes and the primeval beauty of nature. This body of work is designed to arouse the senses in the tradition of magical realism. Passion fruit, mangosteens, snake fruit and tamarillos cure ailments and provide nutrition, while their texture, taste, smell and beautiful hues, as shown in these photographs, stir passions oftentimes forbidden.”


© 2014 Sonia Toledo

Altared States

Lois Youmans


“On a recent trip to Italy, so much of the experience felt familiar. In the churches I felt like a child again, awed by the scale of the buildings, the vivid imagery and sense of a ‘presence.’ These memories took hold of me, creating an altered state of mind.”


© 2014 Lois Youmans