In June

Soho Photo Gallery in June presents a collection of artists who use their cameras to create impressions—moments of reflection. Susanne Middelberg’s use of the comic hero Wonder Woman is joined by others’ work that variously contemplates nighttime New York, mothers, shapes, and glimpses through a train window. Each artist’s work creates both an image and a thought.


Exhibition Dates: June 4, 2014 — June 28, 2014

Opening Reception: Tuesday, June 3, 2014, from 6pm to 8pm. 


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Strong Reservations

Peter Agron



“I can not think of any reasonable explanation why these pictures should exist. Someone put them in front of me. I pressed the shutter.”


© Peter Agron

After Hours

Sean Blocklin 


“After Hours is a subconscious narrative created in a search for the heart of the night. The resulting story is nonlinear, with each image standing as a separate chapter which contributes to the overall emotional experience. The work is meant to create its own reality rather than represent the one it was taken from.”

Sean Blocklin_June

© Sean Blocklin

Making Rounds

Larry Davis 


 “The images in this body of work were captured and stored, and then filed in my memory over many years. They were just individual images that I was drawn to because of their roundness. The feeling of calmness, the sense of equilibrium, and the satisfaction of completion that roundness may represent were found in a variety of subjects, some of which made me laugh when I saw them. And here they are—contained in perfect squares.”

June—Larry Davis

© Larry Davis

Rain on the Parade

Marilyn Fish-Glynn


“Orphaned objects on the streets of New York often evoke stories.  These six objects were all discovered on one block of the parade route on a soggy Gay Pride Day in 2013.”

Marilyn Fish-Glynn_June

© Marilyn Fish-Glynn


Rosalie Frost


“The work is based on snapshot pictures of my mother’s apartment that I took after she went to live in a nursing home. This was just before I had to begin disposing of the contents of her life as revealed in the objects photographed. The exhibit consists of a digital slideshow with sound track created from an analog carousel projector.”

19_frost copygalleryPR

© Rosalie Frost

Going to Ravenna

Myra R. Hafetz


“I have always been fascinated by glimpses of things.  Just for a second or two, something is there and then it’s gone, leaving one’s imagination free to create a story. Riding on a train, a house or fields come into view, then disappear.  How long have they been there?  Who lives there?  And the train moves on.”

Myra R Hafetz, House by the Roadif_JUNE

© Myra R. Hafetz


Susanne Middelberg 


“As a child there was a time when I read the Wonderwoman comics, and I completely merged into them. In the Wonderwoman series, I photograph the comic heroine as an anti-heroine. I place her in human situations where you would never find a super-hero, with a slight sense of (self) irony and melancholy. While slightly mocking the American ideal of glory and perfection, the series expresses love for the ideas and values behind the comic character Wonderwoman: honesty, justice, love and strength.”

wonderwoman lily_Susanne Middelberg_JUNE

© Susanne Middelberg