Images from Underground: NYC Subways

From the darkness of the tunnels to the rhythm of the people and the trains, eight artists showcase the New York City Subways.

EXHIBITION DATES: October 8, 2014 – November 1, 2014

OPENING RECEPTION: Tuesday, October 7, 2014, from 6pm to 8pm.

Everyone is welcome.

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Subway Sightings

Norman Borden


“I’ve been taking pictures on the subway since the days of graffiti and the 35-cent subway token (circa 1972). And while much has changed since then, my reasons for photographing subway riders have not. I still relish the satisfaction of sneaking shots that capture the humor, irony, drama and unguarded moments happening right in front of me, recognizing that I’m part of a captive audience stuck in a steel tube with no easy escape.”

Time ©Norman Borden, all rights reserved-2

© Norman Borden

Transit Transitions

Susan Bowen




“I was drawn to NYC by the fast pace of a city always in motion. I love riding the subways. My work is about motion; trains and people coming and going are good subjects for my overlapping panorama technique. Using a plastic camera, the long images are created by only partially advancing the film; the overlapping occurs in the film itself. These mostly unplanned juxtapositions capture my experience and at the same time have an identity all their own.”

Departing G at Dusk

© Susan Bowen



Take the A Train

Richard Gardner


“I translate explicit reality, that which is perceived by the naked eye, into a new personal truth–a reality implicit through the subconscious. The New York City subway has always been a gritty, blurry tableau where humanity strives to remain autonomous within the densely populated and unnaturally constricted space. All of the images for this exhibit are printed on aluminum plates. Through this medium, a biomechanical energy is imbued thus enhancing my vision of a consciously disconnected, present-day dystopia.” 

©2012Richard Gardner-1

© Richard Gardner




Irene Greenberg/Seena Sussman


“In the subway, in the alternating darkness and harsh fluorescent light, a sense of uncertainty, mystery and interior life pulsates below the surface. Two photographers with one sensibility follow separate tracks. Classic black and white noir. Vintage and new work. Stories imagined in the underground.”

Greenberg_Oct2014_forEJ © Irene Greenberg

Sussman_Oct2014_forEJ© Seena Sussman

In Transit

Janat Horn


“In the subway there is a shared, unexpected rhythm. These images behave like bright elements in a kaleidoscope. They depict recognized patterns that vanish quickly–a world of transient moments, questions, hints and references. We are shown portions of a story, moments of a lifetime, and events usually occurring without witness. Consider these images as moments out of context –unplanned moments dancing in the mind’s eye so that they are hauntingly difficult to forget.”


© Janat Horn


Bob Leonard


“For a full year, I took photographs of riders on the 1, 2 and 3 train with my iPhone, intrigued by the eerie lighting in the subway. But my main thought was to capture the essence of the person; the work is simply portraiture. In this post 9/11 world, our image is being captured constantly–by security cameras and tourists wandering through Times Square. And, by guys like me.”

Subway_9_Bob Leonard_Oct

© Bob Leonard


If Subways were Dreamlike

Jay Matusow


“Traveling in the NY subway places me in close proximity with strangers, some few quite remarkable in appearance or demeanor, others simply provoking my voyeuristic curiosity. This unusual prolonged closeness with an assortment of people in an environment replete with interesting surfaces, shapes, colors and sounds is a catalyst for my somewhat overactive visual imagination.” 


 © Jay Matusow

In addition to the one-person solo shows, there will also be a members group exhibit on the underground theme in a variety of media ranging from an iphone video to silver gelatin prints.