Opening the new year, SPG presents three new artists to the gallery; the images the gallery exhibited at its first Photoville exhibit; a new show by the Professional Woman Photographers organization; and the American debut of Cuban photographer Maria Cienfuegos’s haunting images of Cuban family life.

EXHIBITION DATES: January 7, 1015 – January 31, 2015 

OPENING RECEPTION: Tuesday, January 6, 2015, from 6pm to 8pm

Everyone is welcome.


“La familia se retrata”
Portrait of the family, Cuba: 2009-2011

Maria Cienfuegos


“I approach my work from the combined influence of art and science. My photographs emerge from these complementary systems. Within this dynamic I am interested in the social/anthropological aspects. I look for places of remembrance and forgetfulness. Photography is my way of revealing memory, in all its complexity.”

Cuban Family No. 1

© Maria Cienfuegas

A Bridge Imagined

Steven Gilbert


“Using parts of the Williamsburg Bridge, I have devised spaces for the imagination to play. People can seem merged with nightmarish steel, while girders and bolts can appear alive with human-like figures or suggest landscapes. These photographs are the unforeseen results of combining multiple exposures in the camera, not calculated computer manipulations in post-production; they were all surprises to me at first sight, as perhaps to you now.”

Steven Gilbert_January_93C0311

© Steven Gilbert

In Sight

Carol Julien


“I am a New York City based street photographer continuously inspired by urban environments and the split second capture of life’s surprising, unscripted, fleeting moments. I never leave home without a camera in my bag. I work mostly in high contrast black and white, which often mirrors the contrasts I find between people and their surroundings in large city streets.”


© Carol Julien

Spirit and Grit: India 1977-78

Stephen Rae


“The India I fell for as a grad student in the late 1970’s was a country imbued with strength, resolve, determination, and persistence–a will to survive and even thrive amidst abject conditions of social and economic hardship–all in the midst of an ancient environment of high spirituality. My need to rediscover my love affair with India recently drove me back to the wet darkroom, after 25 years, to print my mostly unprinted negatives.”

Stephen Rae_JAN_Ascetic_Varanasi

© Stephen Rae

Picturing the Built Environment

SPG @ Photoville


“SPG was proud to be part of Photoville 2014, the unique photo event housed in repurposed shipping containers at Brooklyn Bridge Park. Thirty-four SPG photographers participated in the exhibit. The images, each an interpretation of the gallery’s theme, The Built Environment, will be shown in the gallery this month.


© John Custodio

We, Au Naturel

Professional Women Photographers


“The media has created a cultural fantasy about a woman’s body, and no object has become so commodified. Alas, too many women have bought into that fiction to the detriment of their sense of self-worth, their bodies and their health. Photoshop has facilitated editorial masks, nips, and lengthening of the female form to new levels of unreality.

We, Au Naturel is a giant mosaic of images presenting the unvarnished truth about a woman’s body. Each tile accents a pelvis, a breast, or an eye or a navel, representing our individual uniqueness and reminding us what femininity is really made of.”

Bartolomeo_Mariana_ A Hand Holds the Belly

© Mariana Bartolomeo