Magdalena Solé and 5 Gallery Artists

EXHIBITION DATES: March 4, 2015 – April 4, 2015

OPENING RECEPTION: Tuesday, March 3, 2015, from 6pm to 8pm.

The gallery is proud to present Magdalena Solé’s brilliantly vivid yet sensitive work of the aftermath of the Japan tsunami; four gallery artists–Sandra Carrion, Conor Doherty, Mark Santos, Lois Youmans; and the posthumous showing of Erle S. Myers’ work, last seen in the gallery in 1976.


The IN Project

Sandra Carrion


This work is based on Carrion’s travels throughout Europe and New York photographing store windows. The term IN refers to many things; one being the viewer looking IN to the window. Another can be interpreted as the style or mode as being IN style. As a society we all strive to fit IN. We are influenced by Madison Avenue’s view on what is current and what is IN.

Carrion is known for her unusual photographic techniques and approaches to the photographic medium. In this exhibition she turns to a new alternative process developed at Image Factory Experimental Workshops. The painterly images have a unique quality offering a one-of-a-kind effect to each image.

Carrion_New York Window

© Sandra Carrion


Conor Doherty


“Experiencing the edge of an ocean at the seashore is unlike anything else. It’s a great, shared human experience that breeches culture and time. The rhythm of the waves and tides, the smell of the salt, sound of the water; it all resonates with something deep within in us. Shot over 16 months on both the East and West coasts, I worked to capture the primal allure of the ocean.”

Conor Doherty_Wave_Study_4

© Conor Doherty

Irrepressible Spirit

Erle S. Myers


The title describes both the photographer and his subject matter in this posthumous showing of the work of Dr. Erle S. Myers. In photos spanning six decades, he found hope and wisdom in faces, order in everyday chaos, elegance in the mundane, peace and spirit in nature–and fascinating quirkiness everywhere. The exhibit includes some of the same pictures shown at Soho Photo Gallery in 1976.

Erle S Myers_MARCH

© Erle S. Myers

iPhoneography NYC

Mark Santos


“In many of my NYC adventures I would not be armed with my camera and I would come across interesting scenes and objects and would miss the opportunity to capture them. In the past year I started using my mobile phone as a mainstay to capture these previously missed images. I was able to capture and later post process them with just my iPhone. Modern technology has put a darkroom in my pocket and I will never miss the image again.”


© Mark Santos


Magdalena Solé


Tragic yet beautiful works by New York photographer Magdalena Solé sensitively portray the affected Tohoku region and its inhabitants in the aftermath of the 2011 tsunami. She finds beauty in devastated places and uses color to encapsulate a range of feelings.

A commemorative event will be held at the gallery from 6-9pm on March 11 with Artist Talk, Traditional Japanese Shakuhachi Music by Ralph Samuelson and, Tanka Poetry read by Karen Kandel.

Magdalena Sole_TSU_L1029807 copy

© Magdalena Solé

VITREOUS HUMOR: A Collection of Absurd Images

Lois Youmans


“In this newest body of work, I return to photographing my favorite dolls (and odd parts). The battered antique dolls are now accompanied by medical illustrations from a book entitled The Library of Health, dated 1916. The illustrations are brightly colored, simple to understand, and unintentionally funny. The pairing of these objects results in strangely whimsical imagery without any pretense of a deeper meaning.”


© Lois Youmans