Jordan Matter, The International Collaboration Project, and five gallery artists

In May, the gallery is proud to present Jordan Matter’s international phenomenon, Dancers Among Us; the second of three portfolios selected from the first annual International Portfolio Competition, Francisco Diaz + Deb Young’s The International Collaboration Project: The Playground Series and five solo shows

EXHIBITION DATES: May 6, 2015 – May 30, 2015

OPENING RECEPTION: Tuesday, May 5, 2015, from 6pm to 8pm.


Step Right Up

Martin Frank


“Step Right Up and see this carnival bestiary, New Jersey, circa 2014! Meet dinosaurs, snakes, mermaids, pachyderms, puppies and ponies! They’re comical, alluring, graceful, tattered, sparkling, textured and sometimes a bit menacing! (Like our dreams!)”

Martin Frank_May

© Martin Frank


Barry Guthertz


“You need to follow your heart when you’re out taking photographs, and for me, more often than not, my heart focuses on nature –especially flowers. I’ve always marveled at the dynamic symmetry found in the geometric growth of flowers. By focusing on the patterns found in the unfolding of a chrysanthemum, on a lotus in bloom, or in the perfect spiral formed by the seeds of a sunflower, I begin to connect with something much greater than myself.”

2-Floraphilia in B&W ©Barry Guthertz 2014 Our Sunflower #3.

© Barry Guthertz


Dancers Among Us

Jordan Matter


This exhibition is part of an on-going project that began as a book and quickly grew into an international phenomenon. Dancers Among Us (Workman Publishing, 2012), a New York Times bestseller, is a collection of photographs of dancers in everyday situations. Matter and his work have been featured throughout the world, including ABC World News, the Today Show, the BBC, The Huffington Post, and the Museum of Contemporary Art in Seoul, Korea. Images from this project continue to be viewed and shared on-line by millions of people, all over the planet, every day.

Jordan Matter_Waiting for a ride PIC

© Jordan Matter

Off the Wall

Joel Morgovsky


“Outdoor murals don’t stay on their walls. They are playful, interacting with the world that surrounds them, physically and visually. The mural-based photographs in Off The Wall, systematically challenge viewer’s perceptions of what’s real and what’s not. In them the art and the real oscillate and reverberate with wonderful variety, sometimes obvious, subtle, wry or puzzling. These are unmanipulated images carved from the real world by camera craft and guile.”


© Joel Morgovsky

Liquid City

Jean Nestares


“I dreamed of a liquid city without parallels or perpendiculars; a city where I could change the fundamental emphasis of the flow, rather than the spaces and structures. A liquid urbanism with living water and cooling systems connected by an intricate canal network. Today urban flow is evolving into an elaborate idea of the city as a circulatory system of multiple streams. Design is increasingly interested in flow dynamics, liquid materiality, and urban metabolism, whilst contemporary urban waterscapes play a critical role in urban renewal and vitality.”

Jean NestaresCity10liquidy

© Jean Nestares

Living in the Shadow

Bruce Wodder


Bruce has long been fascinated by the juxtaposition of home and industry. In this photographic series, he seeks out the rough beauty of the ordinary, the urban, and the industrial. His photographs depict lives led in close proximity to nuclear power plants, power transformers and, oil tanks. Bruce’s camera finds the universal beauty of the urban landscape as he questions why we choose to live where we do and how that choice affects each sense: sight, sound, smell, hearing and touch.

Bruce Wodder_Washingtonvill,PA_2011_

© Bruce Wodder

The International Collaboration Project: The Playground Series

Francisco Diaz + Deb Young


International Portfolio Competition

Soho Photo Gallery’s panel of jurors for the inaugural International Portfolio Competition has selected three portfolios for exhibition. Each portfolio will be on exhibit for one month.  The portfolios came from 24 states and 12 countries.

Francisco Diaz of New Jersey and Deb Young of New Zealand collaborated on their project and will exhibit the work in May. Their series is an outgrowth of the International Collaboration Project that brings together photographers from across the globe. Francisco + Deb have never met, yet come together digitally to create cinematic narrative photomontages, forging creative cooperation.

The_New_Girl_DebYoung_potf comp May

© Francisco Diaz + Deb Young