The Third and final 2015 Portfolio Competition Winner, Kate Schneider’s Work on the Keystone XL Pipeline Protest and More…

The gallery presents five solo shows including Kate Schneider’s work looking at the Keystone XL pipeline protest movement in Nebraska and South Dakota plus Matthew Dols, the third of three portfolios selected from the first annual International Portfolio Competition.

EXHIBITION DATES: June 3, 2015 – July 3, 2015

OPENING RECEPTION: Tuesday, June 2, 2015, from 6pm to 8pm


Black Ice

Steven Gilbert


“If you take pleasure in glimpsing images–or signs or metaphors–in swirling clouds or splattered tar, you should enjoy the bubbles and cracks in Black Ice.”


© Steven Gilbert

Thirteen New Steps

Pierre-Yves Linot


“The 4stones project is a sharing experience I started thirteen years ago. I propose to people I meet to arrange four pebbles any way they choose. Then I quickly shoot a picture to record the stones’ position. Later, I select a new environment where I reproduce the composition and make my final photograph. The project allows me to connect with people from all over the world, as I try to find with them a space for harmony and peace.”

Pierre-Yves Linot_Aziz

© Pierre-Yves Linot

La Limpia Project (Energetic Cleansing)

Wendy Phillips


“This work is based on my search for the beliefs, philosophies, and healing practices of my ancestors that have been lost to me. My research with women of African and North American indigenous descent, who live on the Pacific coast of Mexico, included ethnographic interviews about women’s traditional metaphysical practices. Reflecting on what I learned from the women, I made self-portraits including the objects and materials that are components of their rituals. “

Wendy Phillips_La Limpia #16 Soho

© Wendy Phillips

We the Heartland

Kate Schneider


This work looks at the diverse face of the Keystone XL pipeline protest movement in Nebraska and South Dakota, and the cultural landscape along the route. Landscape images from the proposed route are interspersed with handwritten letters to President Obama by the KXL protestors. From the words of the front-line activists we see their unwavering commitment to protect the water, land, and cultural heritage of the heartland.


© Kate Schneider


Francisco Uceda


“Tierra is an exploration of the genius loci, or the spirit of the place, an exploration of my place of origin, Almeria, its spirit, light and visual tradition, where earth and sand, melancholy and meditation take center stage. Tierra is also a series of portraits of my family. The land–its earth and sand–is personified in the models who, in turn, refer to different places and memories.”

Francisco Uceda_June

© Francisco Uceda


Matthew Dols

International Portfolio Competition


Soho Photo Gallery’s panel of jurors for the inaugural International Portfolio Competition has selected three portfolios for exhibition. Each portfolio will be on exhibit for one month. The portfolios came from 24 states and 12 countries.

Matthew Dols, Assistant Professor of New Media at Zayed University, will exhibit his work in June. His work is an amalgamation of experiences he has shared with people in his life, and the photographic techniques used mirror the ever-changing nature of memory itself. His artwork has been exhibited internationally and is in the collections of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City, Crown Point Press, and the Auchenbach Collection, Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco.


© Matthew Dols