September 2015

Opening our new season, the gallery is proud to present New York based photographer Ruben Natal-San Miguel’s rich street life images. Also featured is the work of five gallery artists.

EXHIBITION DATES: Exhibition Dates: September 9, 2015 – October 2, 2015

OPENING RECEPTION: Thursday, September 10, 2015, from 6pm to 8pm. Everyone is welcome.

a period of existence

Sandra Carrion and Lois Youmans

This work explores the delicacy of life. The artists have spent months observing plant life in various stages of decay, waiting for the moment when the changing shapes and colors reveal a frailty that begs to be photographed. Carrion turns to dried stems and pods found on Long Island, Massachusetts, and upstate New York, while Youmans focuses on produce found in local markets. Inspired by each other, they decided to collaborate, creating one unified show. Dried Plants

© Sandra Carrion and Lois Youmans

On the Road: Structures

John Custodio

“Once or twice a year I take to the road on long trips across the country, looking for interesting landscapes to photograph. In my travels I’ve noticed and photographed what, for want of a better term, could be called structures — lone buildings, towers, monuments, objects, remains of dwellings — isolated within the landscape. Some are merely functional, some are commemorative, and some are surviving remnants of what once was, but they all serve as a fascinating counterpoint to the wider expanse around them.” United States Post Office, Ochopee, Florida

© John Custodio

In Motion

Carol Julien

“I am a New York City based Street Photographer, continuously inspired by multicultural urban environments and the capture of public unscripted moments. I mostly work in high contrast black and white to minimize details and focus on the core. This collection uses motion and blur to further remove the identifiable differences among us that often breed fear and intolerance.” ICarol Julien

© Carol Julien

Street Life: A New York City Vanishing Act

Ruben Natal-San Miguel

This photography series is focused on capturing the last vestiges of the vibrant street culture, the traditions and lifestyles that are quickly being eradicated due to the aggressive gentrification that’s invading almost every corner of NYC. For the past twelve summers, Ruben Natal-San Miguel has traveled around New York City by bicycle searching for what it’s like to live in these parts of the city. Natal-San Miguel has found a vibrant, colorful vision and people still enjoying happy and meaningful lives. Radio Man, Ruben Natal-San Miguel

© Ruben Natal-San Miguel

Small Worlds

Raphael Senzamici

“Small world photography uses a Photoshop technique, technically known as stereographic projection, that can make a single panoramic photograph look like a small world. For this body of work, I took ordinary views of NYC and made them look extraordinary. For example, a typical view of the New York Public Library flourishes into a tree of knowledge or, in another photograph, the MET evolves into the shape of a horseshoe crab. The final images are black and white and printed on archival metallic paper, signed and limited to a series of 25 prints.” Raphael Senzamici_The MET_web_IMAGE

© Raphael Senzamici

The upstairs galleries will show Temples and Monuments, a collection of members’ work.