Seena Sussman

Landscape Within

Tony Kirman

Arkaim - A Frame Without a Picture (2005-2016)

Roman Makhmutov

Fragmented Reflections

F. Emmanuel Bastien

Starting with Sky

Jay Matusow

A Retrospective

Yaqui Yamdrock

October 2016

The gallery is proud to present shows by gallery artists presenting a range of themes from Brazil to Russia to the sky.

EXHIBITION DATES: October 5 – 29, 2016
OPENING RECEPTION: Tuesday, October 4, 2016, from 6pm to 8pm. All welcome.

I am drawn to the dimensional contradictions within reflections. The reflections flatten onto one plane multiple dimensional layers that would not otherwise interact, revealing a new dimension. I watch this moving canvas: the glass, what is behind the glass, the fragments reflected in the glass and what evolves in between, waiting to create a new narrative, shrouded in mystery, dreaminess and uncertainty.