I Am Here: The Lesbian Portraits

Robert Kalman

Crin Blanc (White Mane): Horses of the Camargue

Sarah Corbin

Stepping Up—or Down

R. Wayne Parsons

Almost Alive

Martin Rich

Thinking of

Hans Weiss

You As Angel

Jady Bates


David Kutz

December 2016

The gallery is proud to present solo shows by seven gallery artists.

EXHIBITION DATES: December 7 – 31, 2016
OPENING RECEPTION: Tuesday, December 6, 2016, from 6pm to 8pm

Special moments are fleeting, especially when they involve animals such as the horses of the Camargue. My need is to capture these moments not only in my mind and heart, but photographically to share with others. In the past four years I have traveled three times to the Camargue in Southern France to photograph the beautiful white horses indigenous to that region. This group of images is the culmination of my photographic study of these horses and their environment. When I observed the horses with their “gardians” (caretakers of the horses), I caught a glimpse of the powerful and moving relationship these men and women have with these noble creatures. Inspired by traditional landscape and wildlife photographers, my goal is to recreate the emotional atmosphere of a particular place and time. My choice of what to include or not include in the frame speaks to what I feel about a place, or, more likely, what I want the viewer to feel about a place. Coming from a darkroom background, I prefer to work in black and white and often intentionally blur the backgrounds so the total focus is on the horses – their eyes, their movements, their majesty. These photos become my interpretation of what I saw and felt the moment I clicked the shutter.