Ronaldo Aguiar


Patricia Beary

Return to the Muse

Elizabeth Nahum-Albright


Cathy Wilson Ramin

Pictures of Parenthood

Martin E. Rich

Moroccan Shadows

Bill Travis

For Walt Whitman

EXHIBITION DATES: June 6 – 30, 2018
OPENING RECEPTION: Tuesday, June 5, 2018 from 6pm to 8pm. All are welcome.

This month, the gallery is proud to present the following solo shows:

Patricia Beary – Return to the Muse

Using movement, Beary presents strong female figures captured in a photographic style that mimics drawing. Details are minimized as light, shadow and gesture take the spotlight.

Elizabeth Nahum-Albright – Betty

Betty lived alone, her family didn’t keep in touch. Betty lived across the street from me – she died two years ago. Betty is an examination of how our possessions leave a mark on a place. Her house had been vacant for about a year by the time I photographed it, but her presence was still powerful. As I walked through the house I felt her walking through the house with me, whispering secrets in my ears.”

Cathy Wilson Ramin – Pictures of Parenthood 

This project is about the beautiful and messy life of modern families. From the worlds of play constructed by children to the exhaustion inherent in the lives of parents, these images explore the realities of raising a family.

Martin E. Rich – Moroccan Shadows

One of the joys of traveling in Morocco is the intensity of its visual impact. Exotic subject matter in brilliant color is everywhere. There is also a special quality to the light. It has a clarity and brilliance that defines space and form, and creates an inter-play of brightness and shadow that is always changing. This play of light and shadow can result in abstract compositions, best expressed in black and white images.

Bill Travis – For Walt Whitman

Walt Whitman’s Leaves of Grass, first published in 1855, is suffused with a homoeroticism that revels in the beauty, strength, and character of men. The poetry evokes images at every turn, as if Whitman were writing with a camera. This show pays tribute to Leaves of Grass by taking on many of the same themes, now brought into the twenty-first century with an actual camera.

2018 International Portfolio Competition

Soho Photo Gallery’s panel of jurors for the 2018 International Portfolio Competition selected three portfolios for exhibition. Each portfolio will be on exhibit for one month. There were 166 portfolios submitted consisting of 2,639 images. The portfolios came from 29 states and 11 countries. John Paul Evans of Exeter Devon, United Kingdom will exhibit this month. JP Terlizzi of Lyndhurst, NJ and Laura J. Bennett of Auburn, CA exhibited in April.

John Paul Evans – Matrimonial Ties

Matrimonial Ties is an umbrella title that encompasses various projects in which my partner Peter and I respond to, and challenge, the historical and cultural significance of the wedding portrait in western culture. The works originated in 2013 as a personal reflection on the media debate in Britain, Europe and America around notions or definitions of marriage.