Alexander Krohmer

The Meadowlands

Pingkan Lucas


Allan Markman

From the Ground Up/2

Thom O’Connor

The Project

Linda Sandow

Energies From Within

Christopher Sheils

Future Time

Bruce Wodder


EXHIBITION DATES: September 5 – 29, 2018
OPENING RECEPTION: Thursday, September 6, 2018 from 6 – 8pm. All are welcome.

This month, the gallery is proud to present the following solo shows:


Alexander Krohmer – The Meadowlands

Now filled with massive amounts of trash, the Meadowlands of New Jersey are a large area of tidal swampland, which was divided by railroads and highways. Factories, power plants and airports were built, polluting the eco system to toxic levels. Nevertheless, big patches of swampland remain, and still coexist with the industries and highways. This landscape provides a condensed view of the battle between the dominance of human landscaping and the resilience of nature.

Pingkan Lucas – Layers

These dense scenes are a reflection of how I see the world. Navigating our day-to-day is a complex layered undertaking. This series is about finding balance in the patterns and textures that emerge from what seems like utter chaos.

Allan Markman – From the Ground Up/2

Creating my images starts with a small sculpture — between two and 12 inches wide. I shoot the sculpture and print the final image several times its original size revealing astonishing details of commonplace and timeworn objects. Rusted bolts, mysterious metal fragments, and shards of glass are combined with flowers, berries, wild mushrooms and weeds. The juxtaposition of these disparate objects creates an atmospheric and unusual visual synergy.

Thom O’Connor – The Project

In January of 2016, I was diagnosed with colon cancer. My doctor said that the extensive testing, surgery, chemotherapy, and recovery would be ‘a project that will consume a year.’ To help cope, I started photographing myself being tested, poked and probed, to document the effects of the various treatments. When I stuck a camera to my eye, I could feel braver than I really was.

Linda Sandow – Energies From Within

We hide and reveal ourselves from moment to moment as we interact with everyone and everything around us. The result is a change of energy.  It is an energy shift to our trajectory, as well as to the trajectory of the people and environment around us.  The future has been altered regardless of the magnitude of the shift. This series explores those energies in that moment of impact as we are taken to a new space in the journey to find what we seek.

Christopher Sheils – Future Time

This work is the second of the Time series and is developed from a fascination with visual and cognitive perception. The series exploits limitations in visual processing. When confronted with multiple possible realities the brains response will be to either fluctuate between realities as in the Necker Cube illusion or to merge the realities into a plausible unreality. The images are designed to create visually what’s in front of them.

Bruce Wodder – Allentown

Allentown has been through many changes. Today it is evolving in a different direction, with a lot of the older architecture obscured by new facades reflecting a shifting population.  With light and shadow, these photographs give shape to a city that is continually changing. These are not sleek images of grand landscapes or staged portraits of people, but records of ordinary places and things, creating an environmental portrait of Allentown.