Peter Agron

unimportant works on paper

F. Emmanuel Bastien

Get Your Hands Dirty

Leslie Hanes

Déjà Rȇvé (Dreamed Before)/2.0

Austin Jensen

Tributaries: A Tribute to the Hudson River

Bob Leonard

Urban Patterns

John Mancia

Stillness and Light

Martin E. Rich

Siamese Surprises

EXHIBITION DATES: December 5 – 29, 2018
OPENING RECEPTION: Tuesday, December 4, 2018 from 6pm to 8pm

This month, the gallery is proud to present the following solo shows:


Peter Agron – unimportant works on paper

This is a new selection of recently printed black and white gelatin silver images.

F. Emmanuel Bastien – Get Your Hands Dirty

There is something gratifying and concrete about using your hands; just you, the tools, the material. When you fix a faucet, either it leaks or it doesn’t. The faucet doesn’t care how many Instagram likes it gets. A sense of accomplishment comes with completing a physical task. This series of still lifes reflects on the jobs that require you to get your hands dirty.


Leslie Hanes – Déjà Rȇvé (Dreamed Before)/2.0

Are there moments when we can criss-cross between worlds and states of being, beyond normal perception? Often I feel that happens with the aid of my camera. Through the lens I experience moments of recognition. I find certain vignettes where my subjects unknowingly reveal, with a click of the shutter, their humanity. There is a certain familiarity with these people that peek back at you. Unknowingly, with the gaze of my camera, our worlds have just intersected with something metaphoric and wondrous, as if I dreamed this. 

Austin Jensen – Tributaries: A Tribute to the Hudson River

My images document the Hudson River and its tributaries, spanning as far north as the source in the Adirondack Mountains and as far south as the Palisades. My objective is to capture striking views of the river and its conservation areas with their wide variety of abstract terrains, making each image into a piece of art that pays tribute to the power and beauty of the Hudson River.


Bob Leonard – Urban Patterns

In this series, I explore architectural elements. Presented as “quadratychs” and reduced to black and white, a format that I have not considered in many years. My intent is to create energy and a flow between the four images, the result possibly greater than each individual component.

John Mancia – Stillness and Light

The utopian movement in America included the influential Shaker communities which were built upon a strong work ethic and spiritual leadership. When a Life Magazine article reported on their waning numbers during the 20th century, Sister Mildred Parker defiantly responded that the world needs the “Brightness and Light which is Shakerism.” Today, at the historic Hancock Shaker Village, there remains a “Stillness and Light” which continues to dwell within.

Martin E. Rich – Siamese Surprises

Siamese hose connections are required by building codes. Generally we take no notice. Variations creatively bend the requirements of the law. Decorated in colorful ways or camouflaged into full wall graffiti, stylistic differences, such as wall painting, multiple hose connections, bizarre distortions, and colorful combinations exist. Siamese connections should be considered found object abstract art. With beauty or humor Siamese Surprises make the world a bit more interesting.