Larry Davis

Available Light

Lawrence Gottesman

More News From Nowhere

Ellen Jacob

Arctic Fading

Alain Licari

We could be heroes. Just for one day (Slab City)

Michael Schenker

Textures in Asia

Thom O’Connor

Blurring the Lines

Richard Wilcox

Eight Lane Line Studies

EXHIBITION DATES: February 6, 2019 – March 2, 2019
OPENING RECEPTION: Tuesday, February 5, 2019 from 6 – 8PM
February at Soho Photo Gallery
The gallery is proud to present the following solo shows:

Larry Davis – Available Light

These 10 images were taken with available light.


Lawrence Gottesman – More News From Nowhere

The show consists of six color images of the urban quotidien. These images are part of an ongoing project.


Ellen Jacob – Arctic Fading

My father died on April 5, 2018. Days later I landed near the North Pole. The Arctic, no matter how substantial it seems is becoming illusory. Each year, the ice melts a little sooner, retreats further. Drifting among the ice floes this landscape became personal. It allowed me a moment to reflect on mortality—my dad’s, my own and the planet’s.

Alain Licari – We could be heroes. Just for one day (Slab City)

The American dream: It’s the visionary student working in his garage. It’s the pugnacious foreigner, just arrived, who — through hard work, courage and a bit of luck, as well — becomes somebody. It’s success, social climbing, recognition. Sometimes, it’s also wealth and fame. The myth is deeply rooted — anything is possible in America. But the dream can be harsher. It does not always turn out to be what we wanted.


Michael Schenker – Textures in Asia

Stumbling through small towns in Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, and Thailand in the winter of 2017, light and shadows on crumbling buildings, sheet metal, concrete and distressed wood have inspired this portfolio of urban textures. All images are shot on medium format film and carbon printed on Hahnemuhle rag paper using Piezography custom pigment inks.

Thom O’Connor – Blurring the Lines

The blurred images I produce using slow shutter speeds present a fresh perspective on reality. Almost like something from a parallel universe. The people and landscapes are similar to what I know, but, during a one-second exposure, everything shifts in time and space. Simple shapes become complex and dramatic, common colors become vivid and theatrical. Stillness becomes motion.

It’s a nice place to visit, and, at times, I’d be pleased to live there.

Richard Wilcox – Eight Lane Line Studies

In this series of photographs, the black asphalt of the city streets provides a background for the white lane lines, which are a ubiquitous part of the streetscape. The spatial ambiguity caused by the near elimination of scale and the darkness of the asphalt surface combine to transform these everyday markings into visually arresting images.