David Aimone

Shades of Verdancy

Audrey Bernstein


Kenneth Hoffman

Vietnam Photographs and Commentaries

Jake Lambroza

Behind the Glass Wall

Neil O. Lawner

Semana Santa: The Holy Week in Mexico

Bob Leonard


Erika Masterson

Tangled up in Beauty

EXHIBITION DATES: April 3, 2019 – May 4, 2019

OPENING RECEPTION: Tuesday, April 2, 2019 from 6 – 8PM
February at Soho Photo Gallery
The gallery is proud to present the following solo shows:

David Aimone – Shades of Verdancy

These images are an exploration of combined alternative processes: gum bichromate, cyanotype and platinum/palladium. In the process, the verdancy of the images comes through strikingly, even though none of the processes themselves are green by nature. Various perspectives of nature, from literal to impressionistic, juxtaposed often with a secondary human constructed element, highlight this combined approach.

Audrey Bernstein – Portrayal

A portrait is a likeness, but of what? Which face is depicted: the public, the private, or the unknown? The challenge of this series was to expose preconceptions about faces we know and faces we have never seen. My goal was to capture a feeling, a thought, a mood of the person, and to challenge the audience’s intractable prejudice and assumptions of who someone really is.


Kenneth Hoffman – Vietnam Photographs and Commentaries

I was an Army photographer during the Vietnam War. Beyond my assigned duties, I focused on documenting the Vietnamese culture and capturing for posterity the social and economic turmoil of the war that I was witnessing. Subsequently, I established an interactive gallery website that was active from 1995-2004. Over two million people visited the gallery and left their personal messages in response to my photographs. This video is a dramatic compilation drawn from that website.

Jake Lambroza – Behind the Glass Wall

They are behind walls of glass. In cafes, shops, buses, subways and taxis. They are lost in their own world, they are themselves. Unencumbered, they feel safe thinking they are protected by a wall that separates them from the outside; never realizing the wall is made of glass and the world can see in.


Neil O. Lawner – Semana Santa: The Holy Week in Mexico

Semana Santa, the Holy Week culminating on Easter Sunday, is observed by Catholics worldwide, but nowhere more fervently than in Mexico. This street spectacle of self-sacrifice is unique in contemporary Christianity. I journeyed to Puebla, Queretero and Taxco to witness, photograph and immerse myself in this religious assemblage, observing the unwavering dedication of the faithful to their beliefs and their willingness to maim their bodies in remembrance of the crucifixion.

Bob Leonard – Reinventions

I scavenge my environment with an eye for shapes and colors, then create images transformed from the original source and presented as multiples. My interest is to create a flow between these images, the result possibly greater than each individual component.

2019 International Portfolio Competition Winners

Soho Photo Gallery’s panel of jurors for the 2019 International Portfolio Competition winners selected three portfolios for exhibition. Each portfolio will be on exhibit for one month. There were 117 portfolios submitted consisting of 1,944 images. The portfolios came from 29 states and nine countries. Erika Masterson of Satellite Beach, FL will exhibit this month. Ruth Lauer-Menenti of Palenville, NY and Allison Nichols of Rochester, NY will show in May.

Erika Masterson – Tangled up in Beauty

With my photographs, I hope to evoke an awareness of one’s own journey through our natural longing to connect with nature. That connection is what I seek to bring into existence in my images, where inner self is un-veiled through vulnerability. The layering of my images, portraits blended with natural elements, embodies that divine connection.