Soho Photo Gallery is pleased to announce an exhibition featuring the winning entries from the 15th International Alternative Processes Competition, Soho Photo Gallery member Alternative Processes group show and a solo show of the work of Bill Schwab.
OPENING RECEPTION: Tuesday, November 12, 6-8pm 

Untitled  © Kaitlyn Danielson
Alternative Processes Competition First Place Winner

Metropolis © Bill Schwab 

Winners of the 15th International Alternative Processes Competition

The images submitted for this competition utilized a wide range of alternative methods, including, albumen, cyanotype, Van Dyke brown, platinum/palladium, photogravure, salt print, tintype, and wet-plate collodion, among others.

The juror for the competition is Christopher James, the author of Alternative Photographic Processes which is universally recognized by artists, curators, historians and educators as the definitive text in the genre of alternative process photography and photographically integrated media. He is an internationally known artist whose photographs are widely exhibited.

After reviewing almost 900 images James writes that “each year, the evolution of alternative process and integrated media movement linking the romance and passionate respect of hand-made photographic traditions, with the efficiency of digital imagining and negative production, becomes more influential throughout the arts. Photography is now an integral part of everything in our lives and culture. Photo-centric artists are increasingly energized by the premise that the medium is on a thrilling state of flux and that the evolution of what we have identified as photography for the past 190 odd years is being redefined by artists, like those who submitted to this competition, who are actively defining the future of the medium we all love to our core.”

© Patricia Beary

Soho Photo Gallery Artists’ Alternative Processes Exhibition