© Kahdeem Prosper Jefferson 


Juror’s Statement

First and foremost, thank you to Soho Photo Gallery and Joel Morgovsky for giving me this amazing opportunity. I only have the pleasure of working on exhibitions once or twice per year. I really appreciate the trust and support. Thank you to all artists who made submissions to the 2020 National Competition.

Although the selection process is anonymous, getting the chance to view your selections was great fun and enlightening. Personally, I’ve become most interested in artwork that challenges the social normal. I’m intrigued by ideas that I’ve rarely or never seen before, especially when those ideas are so beautifully translated as the works within the 2020 National Competition.

This exhibition focuses heavily on life in urban environments; with room for both the candid and composed. All works fall between artifact and concept, and I am pleased that the show as a whole brings question to photography’s very Western-centric history. I cannot wait to view this exhibition in person. The printed photograph is where these images will truly shine.

—Kris Graves


1st Place
Kahdeem Prosper Jefferson (2 images)

Peter Baker  (2 images)

Hugo Teixeira    

Honorable Mention
Jo Ann Chaus (2 images)
Bella Kirchner (2 images)
Fyodor Shiryaev (2 images)
Sam Zalutsky (2 images)

Robert Bloom
Michael Borowski (2 images)
Geoff Brown (2 images)
Suzanne Engelberg
Mayra Ferra
Dan Florin
Richard Hughes
Isik Kaya (2 images)
Paul Kessel
Saman Majd
Michael McFadden
Anne McRay
Martim Meirelles (2 images)
Emmanuel Monzon
Barry A. Noland
Alexey Novikov
Karen Numme
Astrid Reischwitz
Susan Richman
Susan Rosenberg Jones
Nicole Freezer Rubens
Natalia Rudychev
Linda Troeller
Kathleen Tunnell Handel