John Custodio – On the Road: Structures

Exhibition Dates: December 7 – 31, 2020

I’m primarily a landscape photographer and for many years I’ve traveled to different parts of the United States, usually, but not exclusively, to the Southwest, to photograph landscapes, but with no particular project or unifying concept in mind. Among the resulting photographs would be an occasional landscape with an architectural or other man made element. Many places where I’ve traveled to are in wide-open spaces and I seemed to be attracted to the lone structure, sometimes in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by the landscape. For want of a better term, I just call these “structures” — lone buildings, towers, monuments, objects, remains of dwellings. Some are merely functional, some are commemorative, and some are surviving remnants of what once was. Initially I discovered these structures by accident, but as the concept of this project started to form, I purposefully researched places to stop at during my trips. Even so, the results of the last few trips were actually a mixture of researched sites, as well as structures that were waiting quietly along the way to be serendipitously discovered.