Jacquelyne Pierson, Hallucinations – Emerging Photographer

Exhibition Dates: January 29 – February 25, 2021


Hallucinations is visual and conceptual, blending these approaches within analogue photography and the earth elements of water and fire. The relation between visualization and process stem from the loss of vision in my left. During the initial few weeks of my left eye blindness, I experienced intense hallucinations due to my brain overcompensating for not being able to visualize what it wanted to see. My loss of vision has inspired me to explore alternative processes and manipulate my photographs into visual memories. I am writing my own language through my work, one where I can imagine what my work looks like just through touch. This sense of feeling is something we have lost through the Pandemic and I want to bring it back through my work. My current work is ambitious and emphatic while consciously resembling the mind, the body and the landscape.