Roberto Cavazzuti, Specie Pioniera (Pioneer Species)

Exhibition Dates: May 25 – June 19, 2022

The Valle del Vajont is today a “new” territory, redefined after the catastrophic landslide and tsunami of October 9th, 1963.  That night, a huge number of human lives and a legacy of traditions and local culture were wiped out in a few minutes. An apocalyptic rupture phenomenon modified the timeline by creating a “before” and an “after”, omega and alpha. What existed prior to the event was canceled and the time, reset, began to flow again to define a new era. Death and rebirth took over in the history of the place.

An anomaly is still opposed today to this logical cursus: the presence of a large artificial structure, built by man, a concrete standing block:  the Dam.

The Dam went through the catastrophe undamaged. It has survived, almost intact, while at the same time the territory and the human presence were wiped out. No temporal break, no before, no after. The Dam belongs to an alternative continuum that places it in a timeless dimension.