Roberto Cavazzuti, Specie Pioniera (Pioneer Species)

Exhibition Dates: June 18 – July 11, 2021 

Today, The Valle of Vajont is a new territory redefined after the catastrophic landslide and tsunami of October 9, 1963. That night, a huge number of human lives and a legacy of traditions and local culture were wiped out in a few minutes. What existed before the disaster was canceled; when time began to flow again, it defined a new era. Pre-event culture, traditions and modus vivendi were replaced by uses and habits of the new era. Nature has resumed its course by reconditioning the area. Most of the trees there grew from soil that slid down Mount Toc in 1963. Exceptions are those of the Bosco Vecchio, whose trees, bent during the movement of the ground downwards, remind us of the devastating violence. 

The contrast between the two realities is strong. On one hand, nature is reborn; on the other, the village of Erto, left by its inhabitants, suddenly died. One large structure, built by man, remains an anomaly — a concrete standing block: the Dam. The Dam went through the catastrophe undamaged. It has survived, almost intact, while the landscape and the human presence were wiped out. The Dam belongs to an alternative continuum that places it in a timeless dimension.