August 13 – September 5, 2021
Obscured in the aftermath of George Floyd’s horrible murder was the joy and resilience that fueled the protests and forced a renewed agenda for eradicating racial injustice — and all forms of injustice based in identity — from America. This show by the Art Justice Cohort celebrates that underlying resilience and the joyful vision of a world where all identities are safe and celebrated.

The Featured Photographers

The twelve diverse artists in this exhibit express one narrative — that art which imagines the creation of a world where we’re all free to thrive is a form of protest and an act of resilience.
Curated by Ellen Jacob, founder of Art Justice Cohort.

Amber Phillips

Annalyse Varlow
Two or More

inside the box

Dan Alvarado
Racism is the Deadliest Virus

Diana Bejarano
My White Dress

Ellen Jacob

Francisco Uceda
Heroines and Nobodies

Gus Bennett
Suspicious Black Men

Henry Danner
Waist Deep

Isaac Scott
Witness: Uprising in Philadelphia

Sharela May Bonfield

Sheila Pree Bright
Mothers March On