Member News

From Lee Backer

Three of my photos will be in a group exhibition, Sticks and Stones, at the New Marlborough Meeting House in New Marlborough, MA from July 23 to August 15, 2021. This is one of the photos, Dawn Redwood.

From; John Custodio

I have a portfolio of six photographs from my On the Road: Structures series in the current issue of Black & White magazine (Issue 147 August 2021). Here’s a photo of the pages.

From: Roberto Cavazzuti 

I have just released a new artist book “The Miracle of Berne” about a legendary soccer match played in 1954. The book is available at Printed Matter Inc in NYC (there is also a video available on Vimeo). 

From: Joanna Epstein

My book, ‘Isolation (Self)’ was shortlisted in the Self Publish Riga Dummy Competition 2021. It is currently in an exhibition along with the other shortlisted books as part of Riga Photomonth at ISSP gallery in Riga, Latvia.  

From: Norm Borden

I have two images in the BWAC show, The Art of Coney Island: “No Diving” and “The Eclipse.” Take the ferry from Wall Street, bike, car, or subway and bus to Red Hook.

From: Alec Rill

Some Coney Island photographs by me and my wife will be exhibited at Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition’s The Art of Coney Island exhibition,  481 Van Brunt St., Door 7, Red Hook, Brooklyn. July 10 – August 15, 2021.  Opening Reception: July 10, 2021 1 – 6 pm, featuring Coney Island performers.

From: Pat Beary

Patricia Beary received Honorable Mention in the Nature category in the 16 Pollux Awards. The juror,Stephen Perloff from the Photo Review, made his selections from 2,824 international entries. Awardees are invited to exhibit in the Biennial of Fine Art & Documentary Photography held in September 2021 in Barcelona. 

From: Sandy Carrion

I’ll be teaching an Image Transfer Workshop in Montana, August 8 – 13, 2021 at the Photographer’s Formulary.

Pat Beary will be joining me to help out with all of the processes. It’s five full days of different transfer techniques. The Formulary has been around for over 40 years and they are the main supplier for alternative process chemicals and supplies. It’s a beautiful place with great people in charge. Anyone needing more information can contact me directly at 516 485-6951.

From: Jim Lustenader

First, my series entitled “Rear View” (of which I did an online show with Soho last year) plus two single photos were accepted into “Tales of the Unwritten: A Tribute to Street Photography” sponsored by Exhibit Around, which will mount an exhibition of the work as part of Trieste Photo Days in September. Second, the same series won first place in the street photography category of the 16th Annual Pollux Award, sponsored by the Worldwide Photography Gala Awards; the work will be displayed at the FotoNostrum Gallery in Barcelona in December.

From: Krys Flood-Aquilino (former intern) 

Name of Project: Red Light Senses 

Description: Each of the six senses was photographed separately in complete darkness while using various photography techniques to artistically portray the different senses,  in which the viewers are challenged to interpret. A sculpture will encompass the artwork in which each metal print is 10″ x 14″. Grantor: Staten Island Arts.

As mandated, this project must be presented on Staten Island and I have chosen to present it in a brick-and-mortar gallery and am awaiting confirmation and available dates from the gallery.  Also mandated by the department, the following must be included on all press releases/newsletters/public announcements: This project, Red Light Senses, is made possible by a DCA Premier Grant from Staten Island Arts, with public funding from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs. 

A Note from the President

This month, we had a gallery event which brought back the pre-pandemic camaraderie we’ve been missing. We finally hung the winning images from last year’s Alternate Processes, after a long, COVID 19-induced delay. It was a big effort from many gallery members.

Myra Hafetz did a great job of rounding up 45 winning images and getting them shipped from as near as New York City, and as far away as Australia.

We had a great install crew, including Paul Stetzer, Joan Lemler, Linda Hacker, Joanna Epstein, Lee Day, Pat Beary, Peter Agron, and Lesley Belsey. Plus help from our summer intern, Anthony Santos. And the day was videoed by SoYoung Lee, a filmmaker producing a piece on the gallery as part of our 50th Anniversary celebration.

Guest artists Dan Burkholder and Jill Skupin Burkholder installed their wonderful work in the hallway and large balcony. And we hung a dozen fine AltPro pieces from our members in the small balcony.

Unpacking a competition is always a challenge. A few pieces were hand-delivered in brown wrapping paper. And a few pieces were encased in hand-made wooden shipping crates, tough enough to survive a tsunami.

Once the images were positioned around the gallery, everyone had a chance to voice an opinion on the sequencing. In five hours, we went from bare walls to a gallery brimming with beautiful images.

If you missed the Alt Pro installation, you have other opportunities to pitch in during the next few months. We have group shows, guest artists, and competition winners to install. So check the gallery calendar, help out, and bask in the classic Soho Photo glow.


Joanna Epstein: Trying Everything

By Norm Borden

Joanna Epstein’s interest in photography began when she became fascinated with a Minolta camera her father had brought home from Japan. She was only about seven years old, so she wasn’t allowed to touch it. A few years later, Joanna got her first camera– a Kodak 100 Instamatic – and she has been taking pictures ever since, with as she says, “varying degrees of devotedness.” However, for the last 15 years, she has been more focused on photography and these days uses mostly medium and large format cameras, ranging from a Holga and a Yashica Mat to a 5 x 7 antique wooden view camera. 

When Joanna was going for her BA in Art History at the University of Chicago, she took some photography courses, but after taking an alternative processes class one summer at the School of Visual Arts, she says, “I’ve been dabbling in it ever since.” She adds, “When I moved to Spain in 2008, it was impossible to get alt pro supplies, but then in 2014, I took a workshop with JH Engstrom and Margot Wallard (Atelier Smedsby). At the time, I wasn’t really doing a lot of alternative processes, but they encouraged me to try everything – and I did. They told me to find whatever process I liked and play with it, even if I wasn’t doing it properly…just put things on paper and see the results. And that’s what I’ve been doing…I learned a lot from Margot Wallard in terms of making books and being able to convey a concept or a story by sequencing images.”


As for having a favorite process, Joanna says, “I really like cyanotype, but there’s more than one process for sure. I like to experiment with making books, which use silkscreen, but it depends on what facilities I have at home. Right now, all I can do is cyanotype.”

Joanna’s first contact with Soho Photo was in the early 2000s when she entered the Krappy Kamera competition. “When I returned from Spain, I was in the 2017 KK competition, and I also had a photo in the 2019 Alt Process national competition. Two years ago, Myra (Hafetz) encouraged me to apply for membership and I did, so I’m relatively new in the gallery. As a member, I enjoy having the opportunity to voice my opinion at the PRC on what’s being shown. I also enjoy gallery sitting because I like talking to visitors about what’s on the walls.” Joanna says, “I think the main reason I joined was to learn about the functionality and inner workings of running a gallery. I’ve learned how shows are hung – the ins and outs… something I found useful.”

Given her impressive list of accomplishments—her exhibitions in the United States and Europe, and her honors and publications –Joanna is nothing if not modest. Hopefully, Joanna will keep trying everything.

It works.