Jenna Mulhall – Brereton, How the light gets in – Portfolio Competition Winner

Exhibition Dates: October 15 – November 7, 2021 

I began this project in March of 2020 with the emergence of COVID in the U.S. and the inception of stay-at-home orders. With every aspect of my ongoing photography projects immediately put on hold, it was necessary to find a new project—and a new way of looking at the world. In that strange, dark time before the spring, I was not sure what shape that exercise could take. But one morning, I woke and noticed the way the light filtered through the curtain. I made a photograph and felt a small stirring of joy. 

The resulting series, How the light gets in, is an exploration of the way light travels throughout the day and across the year. My scope consisted of the rooms of my home. I had never spent this much time largely alone, or in my home, and it allowed for new discoveries, like the way certain corners hold the sun for only a moment each day. Even as the world begins to open up and we take tentative steps back into it, the project continues to be an exercise in consciously choosing to seek light at precisely those times when seeing it requires the most effort.