Alec Rill, Ghana

Exhibition Dates: November 12 – December 5, 2021

I am a street photographer. There are many definitions of what a street photographer is; for me, it includes people, because the interaction between the photographer and his or her subject is what makes street photography so personal and so challenging. 

Personal, because every photograph is the result of the moment when the photographer crosses paths with the subject, and each such encounter exposes the ability of the photographer to establish a human connection between the photographer and the subject. 

Challenging, because you never know what to expect or what you will get. I have been thanked, hugged, and cursed when I photograph people in different places.  I have grown as a photographer but also as a person, by learning to establish a human connection with the people I photograph. 

I am proud of this series of photographs from Ghana because at the end of the shoot, I felt a deep connection with the people and gained a better understanding of their culture. More importantly, I felt that they understood my intention of documenting their daily lives with the respect that every subject deserves.