Jim Lustenader, Paris Observed

Exhibition Dates: December 10, 2021 – January 2, 2022

In French lore, the flâneur is a stroller, an observer—someone who ambles through a city seemingly without purpose yet attuned to the place and in search of adventure, of personal experience. A flâneur with a camera and an inquisitive eye becomes a street photographer, which I have been since I first explored the landscape of Paris decades ago. 

It was my introduction to Parisians — diverse, urbane, at once reticent and outgoing — that jump-started my love of street photography and pushed me to capture subtle, unguarded bits of theater that make up daily life.

Parisians live in public spaces; they are at home there, talking, touching, emoting. This presents the photographer with opportunities to create narratives, vignettes of ordinary people going about their business, enveloped by the rhythm of this extraordinary city.