Rosalie Frost, Simulacrum:A Library Card Catalogue [after Borges]

Exhibition Dates: December 10, 2021 – January 2, 2022

Library card catalogs served an important role as the portal to knowledge contained in books and other library holdings. Also known as index cards, basic information included shelf location, title, author and usually some amount of content description. The exhibition images suggest how these index cards may also serve as a portal to a unique, shared history —- not just literary styles and periods, but also changing aesthetic, social, and cultural standards and expectations.

Exhibit prints were digitally scanned, printed on film from original library catalog cards, then transferred by hand onto watercolor paper. During this process, it was felt that these vestigial, analog objects were being resurrected from a kind of oblivion. Libraries had either placed them in long-term storage, used them as scrap paper —-  or just threw them out.  

Areas within the images that appear damaged, distorted or missing occurred naturally as a result of the transfer process. Such randomly occurring effects are an apt metaphor for the devaluation of analog artifacts since the digital revolution began.

Prints are unique pigment image transfers on watercolor paper with beeswax.