Exhibition Dates: March 30 – April 24, 2022

Jean Karotkin’s portrait series (IN)SIGHT features some of the most eminent female photographers working today. As a practice, the artists spotlighted tend towards personal inconspicuousness. They offer intimacy and complexity through their work, sharing their extraordinary ways of seeing while remaining largely out of sight themselves. Becoming the subject of another photographer meant relinquishing the relative anonymity that accompanies life behind a lens.

Karotkin photographed her subjects in their natural environment and in natural light, both of which lend themselves to the kind of honesty that’s integral to her work. Similarly, black-and-white film is Karotkin’s preferred medium because of its ability to capture emotional gradations. The resulting portraits not only put faces to renown names, but they also convey remarkable strength, profound intellect, and insatiable curiosity – the fundamental traits of an artist that are all too often undervalued or ignored in women. This exhibition features 18 of these images. However, the series includes more than 50 portraits of select artists whose commitment to photography make them truly exceptional. The project is designed to both educate viewers and inspire the next generation of female photographers.