Lee Day, Train Pan – Japan

Exhibition Dates: March 30 – April 24, 2022

Moments jam up against each other.
Staring from a train hurtling through the city. The world flashes by,
A mangled jumble of screen impressions seen and not seen,
Racing forward in a distraction of jammed up thoughts thrown out by
Cloud-computed algorithms.

Digital life, driven by frictionless connectivity, is a headlong rush. In this rush, always to somewhere new, it is hard to make out the features of the novel landscapes we traverse in the course of daily life – and having precious little time to reflect on, much less consolidate our thoughts, one’s experience of the whole becomes impressionistic. The  slow meandering process of constructing personality, a sense of place, even time itself, is eroding – and where established, the substance is in danger of being washed away by successive flash-floods of disjointed information.
Distressed Compression Landscape Photo, Japan
This work is my effort in trying to impose a momentary order on the heedless digital rush that envelopes us, propelling us forward in its flood. A train rushing through the landscape seems an appropriate metaphor. In a train there is always the feeling that you are passing through, that the place you occupy is separate from that world beyond the window. Bits and pieces of it parade themselves past you but your experience of this other world is fragmentary, a record of random moments that piqued your interest, an amalgam of disparate impressions. Yet, from within the torrent of images, there are moments of synthesis where the chaotic rush coalesces for an instant, in balance between confusion and order.